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Infaucets was Founded in 1996, infaucets is focus on all Export OEM & ODM  manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Infaucets provides one-step solution by combining marketing and manufacturing.

Our products including brass, zinc, stainless steel faucets, Bathware, Shower Column, and related bathroom accessories.

How About Faucet Casting?
Faucet Manufacturing Process

How About Faucet Casting?

Do you know Faucet Casting? The manufacturing process of the faucet body has four major categories: sand casting, manual metal mold casting, gravity pouring machine

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Faucets are an integral part of kitchens and bathrooms and are used every day, but do you understand it?

Invest in a high-quality faucet that will last for years. Look for brands with good reputations and warranties.