Melody in Your Shower: Introducing the Piano Keys Shower System

piano keys shower

Melody in Your Shower: Introducing the Piano Keys Shower System

The piano keys shower system is not just any ordinary bathroom showering system. Backed with style and eco-friendly features, the piano showering system offers a 5-in-1 solution, including a hand shower sprayer, rainfall shower head, and a water flow that you can adjust to cater to each-and-every diverse need.

Moreover, the bathroom shower system has height-adjustable sliders, advanced thermostatic technology, and a temperature display system that allows users to monitor and maintain water temperature at their desired level.

Before delving deeper into these types, let’s look at the inspiration behind the Piano Keys Shower System.

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    The Inspiration Behind the Piano Keys Shower System

    piano keys shower

    Drawing inspiration from music history, Infaucets Faucets was greatly inspired by many great composers who pushed their pen to remove the boundaries of music theory and innovation. With this view, the manufacturing company wanted to create a unique shower experience that combines music, singing, and relaxation, enabling users to tap into their creative side.

    Looking at Elvis Costello songs and hip-hop from a few years ago to now, new music has drastically evolved, with the latest sounds coming from a variety of genres. Remarkably, the Infaucets Faucets drew further inspiration from these changes and blended elements of melody into their creation of the Piano Keys Shower System.

    While song theory is the backbone of writing music, Infaucets Faucets revolutionized the shower experience by understanding it. The proficient experts used a tonic key to create a harmonious, soothing melody that enhances relaxation and creativity.

    Additionally, understanding that great music has a nice melody that makes songs memorable and enjoyable, Infaucets Faucets has incorporated this principle to produce a unique shower experience. The firm has incorporated melody into its shower system, allowing users to enjoy a relaxing and creative showering experience.

    With this view, let’s now look at the innovative Infaucets piano keys shower system.

    The Piano Keys Shower System: Characteristics and Features

    piano keys shower

    The Infaucets piano keys shower system is a game changer, revolutionizing the way we take showers every day. Imagine playing liner notes in the shower. The Infaucets Faucets piano key shower system brings you this and so much more to ensure a unique and enjoyable experience. Remarkably, the piano system is not designed the same way as your ordinary showering system.

    Imagine playing liner notes in the shower, ensuring a unique and enjoyable experience. With a built-in drum machine, users can experiment with several rhythms and melodies, which can be an excellent tool for songwriting.

    Without further ado, let’s look at its characteristics.

    Characteristics & Features

    • Solid Brass Construction: The piano keys shower system boasts a crafted body made of solid brass, which ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion. Its nozzles are made from anti-limescale silicon, further enhancing their longevity.
    • In-built 5-in-1 Features: It consists of a rainfall-like shower, adjustable water flow, and hand held shower sprayer to accommodate a myriad of requirements.
    • Height Adjustable Sliders: Another aspect that Faucets Faucets has incorporated is the height-adjustable sliders, which enable people of various statures to have a melodious showering experience with ease.
    • Advanced Thermostatic Technology and Temperature Control: The showering system is equipped with advanced thermostatic technology and digital temperature control, which monitors and maintains water temperature at your designed level.
    • Hand Shower Sprayer has Three Modes: While using the hand shower sprayer, you would enjoy three modes, including rain, heavy rain, and pulsating massage, to ensure you enjoy relaxation and fatigue relief.
    • Eco-Friendly Features: To top things off, Infaucets Faucets offers an eco-friendly shower system that conserves water by a whopping 30% while delivering exceptional performance.

    With the above features and characteristics, what benefits would you enjoy? Here are some of them.

    Benefits of Piano Keys Shower System

    With Infaucets Faucets piano key shower system, you can equally play music, prompting a unique shower experience. Here are some benefits you would enjoy when you acquire a shower that plays piano.


    The piano keys shower system has been designed for easy use. It has a user-friendly interface that allows users to compose songs and write lyrics in the shower. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just a novice, the piano keys shower system is the best for anyone looking to tap into their creative side.

    Enhances Creativity and Relaxation

    As stated earlier, Infaucets Faucets aims to enhance creativity and relaxation. Thus, they have created the perfect showering system that lets users unwind and express themselves through music. The shower system has incorporated music into the shower experience, allowing users to enjoy a more rejuvenating and enjoyable experience.

    Infaucets Faucets piano keys shower system is designed to help users relax and unwind while stimulating their creative side. These perfect showering systems combine music and relaxation, so users will enjoy a unique, enjoyable shower experience.

    Eco-Conscious Showering System

    Another element that the Infaucets Faucets up-hold is producing eco-friendly products. And the piano keys shower system is no exception. The showering system conserves water by an impressive 30%, ensuring users save up on water and, at the same time, deliver exceptional performance.

    Independently Control Your Shower Experience

    The piano keys showering faucet has several water outlets that allow users to control their shower experience independently. It has piano keys for top sprays, a hand-held, a bidet spout, and a tub faucet. Each waterout has a corresponding clear outline on the piano key for easy use.

    The four water outlets can only operate partially. Additionally, the flat panel is designed to create enough space for toiletries and optimize the layout of your bathroom. With a solid brass construction, the piano keys shower system promises a long-lasting, extended life.

    Now, let’s look at factors you need to consider before buying a bathroom faucet.

    What to Consider Before Buying A Bathroom Shower System

    piano keys shower

    To have a relaxing and enjoyable shower experience, you must choose the right shower system. Here are some factors to consider before buying a piano keys shower system.

    Shower Size

    When buying your shower system, you’ll need to consider the size and layout of your bathroom. Also, ensure you have already decided where the set-up would be before buying the shower system. This is because even a small change in your plumbing fixtures can prove expensive.

    Water Pressure

    The kind of water pressure in your home determines the shower system you would buy. For instance, if you possess a combi boiler in your home, then the water pressure would definitely be high. A mixer shower would do just fine in such a scenario.

    Valve Types

    There are usually two types of valves: pressure balance valves and thermostatic valves. The distinguishing factor between the two is that pressure balance valve possesses a single handle that controls the water volume and temperature. On the other hand, a thermostatic valve possesses two handles: one controls water volume and the other water temperature. Choose a suitable one for your home.


    While buying an electric shower system, you must consider how powerful you want it to be. If you wish to have a shower system that maintains a strong flow of hot water for longer durations, you may need a motor with a higher rating power.


    The cost of a shower system and your budget are also important aspects to consider before buying one. When you consider the above factors, you can easily determine the useful features that you need in your bathroom.

    There are several affordable options if you’re budget-constrained, but if you can acquire high-end ones in a one-time investment, you will get a premium product that will last a long time.

    Future Proofing & Catering to the Disability

    To stay ahead of the crowd, you can future-proof your bathroom by selecting the right enclosure. Enclosures come in several types, including walk-in, open, closed, and cubicle. Walk-ins are practical and stylish, open ones don’t have a door, and watertight ones are easy to install and clean.

    On the other hand, cubicles come in cubes, rectangles, and square shapes; they come complete with wall panels. Additionally, closed ones need three walls, which could either be a glass shower panel or your bathroom wall. It prevents water from splashing.

    Discovering the Melody in Your Shower

    Overall, the piano keys shower system is poised to make your shower experience enjoyable, especially for music lovers and those who wish to tap into their creative side. The unique shower system has incorporated music theory and melody into your showering experience.

    Thus, users will enjoy a relaxed showering experience that sounds good and feels great.

    piano keys shower

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