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Through our modern manufacturing services, we reduce your costs, speed up your faucets to the market, and help you gain a competitive edge.

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Infaucets Factory Size Faucet plant

InFaucets factory in Taizhou, China

Infaucets was Founded in 1995, infaucets is focus on all Export OEM & ODM  manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom faucets. Our products including brass, zinc, stainless steel faucets, Bathware, Shower Column, and related bathroom accessories.

Factory Figures


Production lines

3 million+

Square ft of production mall


Trained technicians

Faucets Robot Machines

Faucets making machine is becoming the standard product of today’s industry. higher precision machining​ and assembly process ensures the reliability and stability of the machine.

Fittings Faucet Machine Infaucets

Laboratory and Testing

Robot Polishing
Water Testing
Cartridge Testing
Inspection Dimension

Our Services

Test 100% Inspection

The machines required for faucet testing vary depending on the type of test. Different tests require different test machines.


Water pressure test

pressure resistance

This test can detect whether the faucet has leaks or other problems.


Corrosion resistance test

good corrosion resistance

This test is used to test whether the faucet has good corrosion resistance.


Service life test

long life

In the test, the faucet is tested for aging or material fatigue by simulating the use of the faucet for a long time.

play light

Quam pellents

Production of good faucets


Our process is why events are successful -

Infaucets faucet factory focuses on product quality control and has a strict quality management system from raw material procurement, production process control to finished product inspection. The products undergo multiple strict inspection and testing to ensure compliance with international standards and customer requirements.