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Quality Management Faucets

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Infaucets R&D: monitoring changes from a medium to long-term perspective

The main goal of our R&D is to facilitate cross research between global trends in the faucet industry and the market strategies we offer to our customers.

This allows us to blend manufacturing technologies and ideas with our own and work with them as a team to produce popular, trend-compatible faucets. In addition, by assimilating various insights and disseminating new results horizontally, our R&D activities become more efficient and effective.

Research & development

Our Competences

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In-depth industry & market report

With over 28 years of industry experience, Infaucets can provide a high level of competence to handle our clients’ challenges. We have sufficient knowledge and skills to successfully conduct promotional research in our clients’ target markets, provide advice on faucet sourcing, or do any other task requested by our clients.

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Complete technology support

Our engineers specialize in understanding the challenges and needs of the market and focus on producing first-class faucets for our customers. The perfect combination of function, color and material is the advanced solution we offer to our customers’ brands. This includes intelligence protection, which is an important part of strengthening our capabilities.

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Faucets Design

With your design or with help from our graphics and branding team, we will decorate and label your packaging for a truly special presentation.

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Quality Management

Systematic audits of new products, control of on-going production of each line, and process audits.