Exploring the Top 7 Faucet Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Guide

Exploring the Top 7 Faucet Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to designing a home or making renovations to it, faucets are usually not the first thing people think of. Importance is generally given to the more significant components of the house. These include flooring, wall paints, countertops, style of furniture, appliances, etc.

However, an essential fixture that elevates the beauty of any home is the faucet. Be it kitchen faucets or bathroom tap ware, they play a very important role in your daily life.

A faucet is not just a tap used for water supply. Rather, it is required to add a personal and aesthetic touch to any place where it is installed. Therefore, choosing the right faucet design and faucet brands is essential to enhance the attractiveness of your home.

Go over this comprehensive guide to explore the best faucet manufacturers that produce high end faucets.

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    The Top-most Rated Faucet Brands

    With the advancements in science and technology, the faucet industry has also gotten quite modernized in recent years. Many new faucet brands have shown up and there are a large variety of manufacturers to choose from.

    However, it is crucial to purchase only from reliable faucet brands. Ensuring that they have a good reputation in the market will give you the best quality products.

    Here are the best faucet brands you must look into for your faucet purchases.

    Delta Faucet Company

    The Delta Faucet Company is a very popular faucet manufacturing brand. It has been a leading name in the market for more than 60 years.


    The company was founded in 1954. Since then, it has been able to achieve a lot of recognition and fame. Especially due to the high-quality faucets they manufacture in their product line.

    Items Manufactured
    • This faucet brand offers a wide range of products, including bathroom sink faucets and kitchen faucets.
    • It has different faucet models. These include single-handle high arc faucets, double-handle, pull-out faucets, and pull-down kitchen faucets.
    • It also has a unique Touch20 technology through which they make touchless faucets.
    • The faucets come in a range of finishes. Some of them are brushed nickel, chrome finish, matte black, bronze, brass, and stainless steel faucets.
    • The faucets manufactured by this brand have high-end technology involved. They come with motion sensors and a touchless facility, allowing the users a hands-free operation.
    • Many faucets have led lights that allow ease of use in the dark.
    • The TempSense features allow the water’s temperature to be precisely monitored.
    • The powerful sprayers allow a fast and smooth water flow.
    • Every faucet is built with high-quality materials. They are durable and long-lasting.
    • The company also offers a lifetime warranty on their products.

    Delta faucets offer competitive pricing. Their basic products start from a lower price of around $100 all the way up to around $1200 for their exclusive range.

    Moen Incorporated

    Moen Incorporated is another popular faucet brand. It gives tough competition to many brands in the market.


    The brand was started by Al Moen in 1937. He brought a major revolution in the faucet industry with the invention of the first single-handle mixing faucet.

    Revolution in Kitchen Faucet

    This company is also the proud inventor of the MotionSense technology in faucets. As the name suggests, the faucets use motion sensors for the water flow.

    This unique feature is especially appreciated in the kitchen when your hands are full and dirty.

    Other Advantages
    • Many faucets include a magnetic docking system that allows the hose to retract from the tap’s mouth. It allows better cleaning and high functionality.
    • Their pull-down sprayer function is great for filling large pots quickly.
    • The sleek design and polished appearance of the faucets elevate the kitchen and bathroom where they are installed.
    • This brand is committed to water conservation. Therefore, their taps are designed to save water without compromising functionality.
    • All products are user-friendly and easy to install.

    This company features many affordable models. You can select a faucet to your liking ranging from $50 to $500.

    Kohler Company

    The Kohler Company has a great reputation for being one of the leading faucet manufacturers. It was founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler. Since then, it has amazed its customers with its elegant design and reliable faucets.

    Items Manufactured
    • This company manufactures a large variety of products. These include kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, etc.
    • It has different options available such as pull-down faucets, single-handle, double-handle, and wall-mount varieties.
    • Many faucet types even come with a pull-out or pull-down sprayer feature. This aids in better functionality and easy usage.
    • The company also offers an enormous selection of products to choose from. They come in different designs and finishes. From having smooth curves to straight edges, you can find something that matches your vibe.
    • Different materials and colors of faucets are available. Some options include stainless steel, bronze, brass, polished chrome, copper, etc.
    Use of pull-down kitchen faucet

    As mentioned earlier, the Kohler Company are known to make a pull-down kitchen faucet. This style of kitchen faucet has many uses and benefits.

    Some of them are listed below.

    • The pull-down feature allows you to clean and rinse pots, pans, and heavy dishes easily.
    • It makes filling large pots more efficient.
    • The feature provides additional multifunctional spraying options. You can change its settings from aerated stream to a powerful stream within a second.
    • It is also great for improving the overall functionality of using the faucet, especially in a busy kitchen.

    The price of this company’s faucets depends on the variety you choose. The basic ones start from $300 while the more expensive faucets can even go as high as $1500. However, you must remember that their price is worth the quality you shall get in return.

    American Standard Brands

    The American Standard Brands has been in the faucet manufacturing business for more than 140 years. Therefore, it has earned itself for being one of the oldest and most reliable faucet brands.

    This company is famous for providing a product based on every customer’s liking. Its high reliability, great functionality, and supreme quality appeal to everyone.

    Items Produced
    • The American Standard Brands are known for their diversity in faucet styles. There are many options that you can easily choose from, depending on your bathroom or kitchen’s design.
    • The faucets often feature durable brass construction.
    • For more reliable performance, many taps also have ceramic disc valves.
    • You can find a faucet that matches the design and quality of your sink, and that too, at an affordable price.
    • Unlike many manufacturers, this company does not compromise on the quality of its products despite the lower prices.
    • They offer large warranty timelines to their customers. The new kitchen faucet may also have a limited lifetime warranty, depending on the deals the company is having at the time.
    • It is worth noting that the faucets can be installed easily by homeowners. They require less maintenance and are quite convenient to use and clean.

    Grohe AG

    This is a German-based faucet manufacturing brand. It was founded in 1936 and since then, it has been able to gain global recognition for its high-end products.

    The Grohe faucets have consistently produced the best kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, and many other models. 

    Top 7 Faucet Manufacturers-polishing process

    Its sleek design and latest fashion trends have always been a customer’s favorite.

    Faucets Manufactured
    • You can find many different kinds of bathroom and kitchen faucets here. They are available in a range of materials like nickel, bronze, chrome, and stainless steel.
    • This company is also very vigilant in water conservation. Therefore, they have incorporated water-saving technologies such as EcoJoy in their manufacturing. This allows you to save water and protect the environment.
    • The spout used in their faucets is of very high quality.
    • The entire faucet body including the handles and the spout is rust-free and corrosion-resistant.
    • High-level engineering technologies and skills are used in manufacturing faucets. This allows customers to receive the best and most durable faucets for their homes.
    • The faucet is designed in a manner to comfortably attach to any sink type. This allows more room for you to utilize the sink to its maximum capacity.
    • The company uses SilkMove technology. This improves various factors in the usage of the tap such as it enhances comfort and giving a more smooth feel to it.
    • Grohe AG is a sustainable and eco-friendly brand. Therefore, it is great for people who live their lives in an environment-conscious manner.

    The range of faucets is from $100 to $1000. However, there is not much difference in the eco-friendliness of the faucets.


    Pfister, a remarkable faucet brand was founded in 1910. This company is a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc.

    It has been a very popular choice for customers wanting faucets for their homes. This is because of their strong focus on producing faucets that are not only functional but are aesthetically pleasing as well.

    This company offers a large variety of designs. Therefore, you will be able to find something according to your taste here.

    Unique Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets Manufacturing
    • Pfister is known for its unique design and the strong and durable quality of its products. It has various bathroom and kitchen faucets that you can choose from.
    • There are different designs available such as single-handle, double-handle, and pull-out taps.
    • The latest technology use such as Pforever Seal enhances its functionality. The faucet is leak-free and drip-free, ensuring no water wastage.
    • The technology also allows accurate management of temperature. Therefore, you will get hot and cold water at the best temperature at all times.
    • The use of ceramic disc valves by the company further ensures a smooth, comfortable, and reliable operation.

    The price for the basic Pfister faucet starts from as low as $70. It can increase up to $1100 for the more elegant and exclusive faucet collection.


    Brizo is a subsidiary of the Delta Faucets Company. It is famous for its unique style and artistic designs.

    It is always innovating and upgrading its faucet style to provide an aesthetic appeal. Not only are the faucets stunning in looks but function excellently.

    Products Manufactured
    • Brizo manufactures luxury and high-quality tapware.
    • Premium quality materials are used in its manufacturing process. This allows their products to last a very long time.
    • They also use touchless technology in their faucet collection, especially in their kitchen faucet line. The spout is also motion-activated. Just simply waving near it will allow the water to flow through. Once your hands are removed from the kitchen faucet, the water shall stop flowing.

    This company offers competitive pricing as well. You can expect their basic range to start from $100 and can go up till $1250 for their high-end products.


    Top 7 Faucet Manufacturers-faucet process

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