7 Wholesale Faucets Kitchen: A Comprehensive Guide

wholesale faucets kitchen-7 Wholesale Faucets Kitchen A Comprehensive Guide

7 Guide to Wholesale Faucets Kitchen

As an insignificant kitchen item as a faucet may seem, it plays a vital role in providing running water for hand washing, dishes, and food prep. Other than functionality, various kitchen faucets have spectacular high-touch aspects that can spruce up the entire kitchen decor. It’s, therefore, imminent that as you’re wading through various high-end types or just looking for the best value for your dollar, remember to consider whether you’re prioritizing your needs—think about form and function, not just hot and cold water.

Allison Ruda, a great interior designer, offers advice on getting kitchen faucets: “Homeowners need to consider key factors to ensure the kitchen faucets they’re about to buy meet their needs and sink style. The faucet and sink bowl must work together. Your sink will determine the type of mounting holes you’ll need.”

Far from that, the consumer myth that price equals quality is not always guaranteed. Did you know you can purchase wholesale kitchen faucets and accessories without breaking the bank? Many brands offer fixtures and accessories that can transform your kitchen at budget-friendly prices.

In this article, we explore the best wholesale kitchen faucet brands for 2023 and a buyer’s guide on finding the best faucet that meets your needs. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

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    Why Go for Wholesale Kitchen Faucets

    wholesale faucets kitchen-wholesale kitchen faucet

    There are many perks you’ll enjoy when you buy wholesale, including:


    The best advantage of wholesale purchase is tons of savings. Buying wholesale is cost-saving since you’ll be dealing directly with the manufacturers and distributors and cutting out the middleman costs. It allows buyers to access lower prices that aren’t available on other outlets—meaning you’ll get quality craftsmanship at a lower price.

    Quality & Function

    Are you downgrading quality when you buy wholesale? Of course, not. On the contrary, wholesale kitchen faucets are made by reputable manufacturers supplying retail and wholesale markets. Opting for wholesale purchase guarantees the same quality and function of fixtures displayed in showrooms.

    You’ll have an extensive line of fixtures to choose from, including a single-handle brass faucet, two-handle kitchen faucet, touch-control commercial faucets, pressurized detachable, extendable spray faucets, and a pull-down faucet that can wash away dirt and stains in inaccessible areas on the kitchen sink bowl, deep container among others.

    Now, look at some of the best kitchen faucets you can go for.

    5 Best Wholesale Kitchen Faucets in 2023

    While buying a new faucet, it’s important to consider fixtures that meld style and performance. The models you go for should fit seamlessly into your daily kitchen routine. Here are our top picks to buy in 2023.

    Infaucets P-8032 Pull Down Sprayer

    If you’re trying to acquire custom-made wholesale kitchen faucets, going for the Infaucets brand in China is the best step in the right direction. As a high-rating faucet brand in China, you’re sure to get a variety of faucets in multiple shapes and styles, including those that come with hot water dispensers.

    The P-8032 pull-down sprayer features spray and stream mode that allows you to efficiently rinse and clean out any dirt on dishes and sinks. Moreover, the faucet will ensure you control water temperature effectively since it comes with a single lever handle.

    It has various finish options, including Matte Black, Stainless steel, and Brushed Nickel, which can complement your kitchen decor. Far from that, all Infaucet kitchen models are OEM & ODM acceptable. Here are some of its key features:

    • Faucet height: 20.1 inches
    • Flow rate: 1.5 GPM
    • Number of mounting holes: 1

    Moen Adler One Handle High Arc Kitchen Faucet

    Moen faucet features attractive, durable fixtures that are easy to install and have a higher degree of functionality. More than that, it comes with a lifetime limited warranty. When you look at a range of kitchen faucets, single-handle, high arc, and pull-down sprayer models—Moen Adler One Handle High Arc Kitchen Faucet takes honors for best overall for its sleek design that can function well in any kitchen.

    It comes with various powerful spray options but still comes at a budget-friendly price tag. Going for a whopping price of $159 on Amazon, given its features, the single handle puts it ahead in the field. The spotless resistant finish and 1.5 gallons per minute are some of its key features. This water flow rate categorizes the Moen Adler as a low-flow faucet allowing consumers to enjoy robust streams while still saving on water.

    Another Moen faucet to look out for is the Moen Arbor, which is slightly different from the Adler in terms of style. The two faucets are available in different models, including pull-out, smart-enabled, low-arc, and touchless options. Side Note—you’ll need an AC or battery hookup for smart-enabled and touchless faucets for installation.

    Here are Moen Adler’s key features:

    • Faucet body: 14.5 inches
    • Number of hole configurations: 1
    • Flow rate: 1.5GPM

    Delta Leland Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

    Another excellent option to go for is the Delta Leland kitchen faucet. Delta goes neck to neck with Moen and Infaucets as the highest rating in providing quality faucets. The faucet features a sleeker appearance than the Moen Adler model, but it’s on the higher end in terms of price. The high price range is because the Delta Leland model has superior features and functionality.

    Delta Leland models have flawless magnetic docking faucet mechanisms that make the pull-down sprayer look like it’s integrated into the faucet. Moreover, it comes with shield-spray technology that removes stubborn stains with a powerful stream in a protective sphere that contains a spatter. It has a water flow rate of 1.8 GPM, ensuring users get a stronger stream while not in spray mode.

    Designed to fit a single hole, three holes, and eight holes configuration, the Delta Leland kitchen faucet package comes with everything you need for easy faucet installations. The single lever handle ensures you control water temperature and water flow. Key faucet features include:

    • Faucet body: 14.9 inches
    • Flow rate: 1.8 GPM
    • Number of hole configurations: one, three, or eight

    WEWE Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

    Next on the list of the best kitchen faucets is the WEWE single-handle pull-out faucet. It’s a kitchen sink faucet with a pull-down sprayer and soap dispensers. Its tulip design is just what you need to spruce up your kitchen decor. Another thing you’ll love about this faucet is its multifunctional outlet water flow—a three-way setting, including spray, pause, and stream.

    The faucet installation is easy as the pull-down hose and water lines come preinstalled, ensuring you spend less time under the kitchen sink. Moreover, the stainless steel kitchen faucet is easy to install as it has a single-handle control for water temperature and flow. The high arc 360 swivel spout will ensure full-range washing access, and the sprayer head will retract after each use.

    The stainless steel finish ensures this faucet is corrosion and rust-resistant, which prevent stubborn stains from sticking to it and ensures easy maintenance. It’s precisely what you need to meet your dishwashing needs. Here are the main features:

    • Faucet height: 15.7 inches
    • Flow rate: 1.8 GPM
    • Number of Mounting Holes: one hole, and three holes

    Kohler Sous Pro Style Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

    The deck-mounted faucet has a coiled gooseneck that allows you to control the nozzle for easy filling and washing industrial pots and pans. Kohler Sour Pro Style has a magnetic docking mechanism that will lock the arc when not used; the overall effect is unique. If you’re trying to get a faucet that’ll sprout out hot and cold water, you need to get this faucet.

    It’ll change your dishwashing experience. However, the faucet height is about 22.5 inches, so you’ll need more clearance room to accommodate this single-handle faucet when installing it on your farmhouse sink over a marble countertop. Moreover, it comes with soap dispensers—meaning your sink must have at least two holes for faucet installation. Here are its key faucet features:

    • Faucet height: 22.5 inches
    • Flow rate: 1.5 GPM
    • Number of mounting holes: 2

    Now that you know what to go for on the market, let’s look at how to zero down to one that meets your budget and needs. Here’s what you need to know before buying a new kitchen faucet wholesale.

    Commercial Faucet Buying Guide

    wholesale faucets kitchen-kitchen faucets guide

    As simple as it might seem, the type of faucet you choose for your business may affect productivity, aesthetic, and ease of use. It’s therefore imminent that you choose the right one depending on faucet variations. Let’s get straight to some of them.

    Kitchen Faucet Configurations

    While trying to find new kitchen faucets for kitchen sinks with predrilled mounting holes, it’s essential to look for kitchen faucets with the same number of mounting holes or get a faucet with a base plate that can cover up the remaining holes. The installation guide has the following instructions:

    • One hole: The new faucet will have a single base
    • Two holes: The faucet requires two inlets for hot and cold water. There are cases where a faucet spout will use one spout, and the other second hole is for faucet handles or a side sprayer.
    • Three holes: Popular for concealed-based faucets. The hot and cold water is mixed underneath the deck, ensuring you have a hole for the hot water handle, cold water handle, and spout.

    The Material of the Sink and Faucet

    Many faucets are made from brass material, which has elements of lead that make the machining process easy. It’s, however, important to look further into this to ensure that the selected faucet will not leach lead into your drinking water. Some manufacturers remove lead completely using raw materials like stainless steel and plastic.

    The Shape, Size, And Style of the Sink and Faucet

    There are vital measurements you’ll take when trying to find the best kitchen faucets, including:

    • Sink bowl dimension: You’ll determine how large the kitchen sink is to find the right size of faucet for it.
    • Spout length: Faucet height should just be suitable to fit comfortably on the kitchen sinks.
    • Faucet height: If you wash oversized items on your kitchen sink, ensure the faucet offers vertical space.
    • Sink mounting hole: Getting the size of your faucet centers will depend on whether or not they’re pre-drilled. If they’re predrilled, you’ll measure the size of each hole and choose a tap with the same configuration. If not predrilled, measure and cut out the mounting holes for extra accessories and faucets.

    Types of Faucet Handles

    The faucet handle will allow you to turn the water flow on and off. Here are some handle options you can choose from:

    • Lever Faucet Handles: This is the most common faucet handle
    • Wrist Faucet Handles: Allows to turn the wrist minimizing the spread of germs.
    • Arm Four Faucet Handles: Better known as cross handles; they provide a better grip.
    • Club Faucet Handles: Provides a sophisticated look.

    Types of Cartridges

    The handle will operate a valve in the faucet body that stops the tap water flow. Many manufacturers sell parts that make up this value, including:

    • Compression cartridges: The time-tested traditional compression valve is popular and is quite affordable, but you’ll need to change time throughout the lifecycle of a faucet regularly.
    • Ceramic cartridges: Being on the upper end in terms of price, the ceramic cartridge guarantees quality in the long run. Two ceramic cartridges will close together to create a seal when shutting off the tap.

    Types of Commercial Kitchen Faucets

    Commercial kitchen faucets are not your ordinary taps. They’re designed for extensive wash and rinsing. Therefore, you must choose the right one for your application. Here are some of them:

    • Pre-rinse Faucets: This type has a powered spray blast that removes dirt and stains and comes with an add-on swig faucet. Excellent for a two-to-three-compartment kitchen sink.
    • Swing Faucets: The nozzle swings from left to right, ensuring it reaches all dirty areas on the kitchen sink. It’s excellent for compartment sinks.
    • Gooseneck Faucets: Excellent spout designed for extra clearance. You can get it in swing and rigid mode. It’s excellent for one compartment and utility sinks.
    • Workboard Faucets: Available with a gooseneck or swing spout, these faucets are mounted on Escutcheon and are great for bar sinks.
    • Pot Filler Faucets: Great for filling in pots fast. They come in various styles, including straight and jointed hose spout, and is excellent for two to three compart
    • Double Jointed Faucets: It’s more flexible as you can easily fold them to get them out of the way. It’s excellent for two to three-compartment sinks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    wholesale faucets kitchen-wholesale kitchen faucets

    How to Determine Kitchen Faucets that Are Good for the Environment?

    Environmentally friendly faucets conserve energy and water. Faucets with a WaterSense label have met the EPA water efficiency and performance criteria standards. Touchless and motion sensor faucets can prevent water wastage, thereby conserving water.


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