Enhance your Clients’ Bathrooms: Stylish Piano Key Shower Systems

Clients' Bathrooms: Stylish Piano Key Shower Systems

A relaxing shower, whether hot or cold, can improve your general well-being. As silent partners to bathtubs, as far as the center of focus in the bathroom is concerned, bathroom showers come in different styles and designs to customize your shower experience.

The kind of shower valve you have holds a lot of weight when it comes to your shower experience, even if it’s straightforward—an in-and-out job. With a smart digital shower system, you can optimize your bathroom for a wholesome shower.

Smart showers save time and give you more control, ensuring your showering experience is fun and easy. In this article, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about digital smart showers, particularly the Piano Key Shower System.

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    Smart Digital Shower : Piano Key Shower System

    As a digital shower, the classic Piano Key System is one of its kind. Think—practicality, style, and function all in one shower set. It would be best if you had it to elevate your bathroom design to the next level.

    Most models are stylish so that you can complement your modern or minimalist bathroom. Their creative styles also don’t limit operation. It’s all the rage now, as many homeowners rave about the rain-like shower head that produces pressurized water that opens up at the top to deliver a uniform gentle flow that feels like standing on a tropical rain.

    Infaucets Piano Shower Systems are exceptionally curated with durable, long-lasting materials to increase their lifecycle. Now, let’s look at some of its features;

    Multiple Functions

    The sleek, stylish piano key design ensures a simple operation. One key is used as a water mode so that you can misuse it. More than that, it has a large and flat panel where you can put various toiletries, from shower gel to soap, which saves space. The hidden spout can fill the tub quickly—meaning they’re practical.

    Stylish Piano Key Shower Systems-shower

    Attractive Digital Display

    The shower system has a flat switch where you adjust hot and cold water. Moreover, the smart shower comes with a hydroelectric power LED water temperature display technology—meaning you’ll not need to plug in when the switch is on. Additionally, the technology allows the water temperature to be detected in real-time, eliminating the chance of constantly repeating the temperature.

    High-Pressure Shower

    There’s more to the Key Piano Shower System than the exterior aesthetics; it has advanced air injection technology that ensures you get more streams during your showers. The technology offers more water pressure while still giving that stimulating rain experience. You’ll also be able to save up to 30% water, which is suitable for households with low water pressure.

    Reliable Design

    Another key feature you’ll enjoy is the three-mode hand shower fitted with a shower hose. The hand shower allows you to access the hard-to-reach place while washing the tub. You also rinse well after bathing. The good thing about them is that each mode allows tapping into the next-level shower experience. You can easily press the spray gun to allow high-pressure water that combines washing and flushing.

    Now, let’s look at top tier Piano Key Shower models you can go for in 2023

    Best Piano Key Shower Systems in 2023

    While many piano key shower systems are on the market, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones to buy if you’re to buy smart digital showers. We looked at their designs, practicality, and overall user experience and narrowed it down to the three best types. Let’s get straight to it!

    Infaucets Piano Keys Bathroom Shower System Wall Mounted Grey Piano Shower Faucet

    The top favorite piano key shower system is the Infaucets model—they’re the best overall. This grey piano shower faucet will transform the way you take your showers. Far from that, its attractive design will automatically elevate the bathroom design.

    Moreover, the main faucet body material is high quality and durable, ensuring lifetime use. Here are some of its unique features:

    • High-quality material: The Grey Piano Shower Faucet is made of solid brass materials that were integrally formed to prevent corrosion and rust. It is also anti-compression and explosion-proof, which makes them durable to last a lifetime. Moreover, its Chrome finish adds convenience and class to any bathroom style.
    • Three water modes: It comes with three water outlets that are independently controlled, consisting of the stainless steel top spray, water spray gun, ceramic hot and cold valve core handheld water outlet, and the tub faucet water outlet. All mode functions are indicated on their corresponding keys, and all three modes can be discharged simultaneously since the lever can be adjusted to get precise temperature control.
    • Wonderful shower experience: The Grey Piano Shower Faucet is perfect for a wholesome shower experience. The four-function shower fixtures and bath faucets are designed to be at the bottom; the honeycomb bubbler and a hidden water outlet discharge large water flows, and a faster water injection which is softer and doesn’t splash, ensures convenience. You can hold water, rinse, and bathe your pets and kids.
    • ABS and liquid silicone showerhead: Another critical feature of this shower system is the ABS valve core in its shower head that allows you to receive a larger smooth water flow due to a large overhead. Moreover, the liquid silicone hose gel ensures the shower system injects a self-cleaning needle automatically. More than that, it can swivel up to 360 degrees, so you can adjust it to the angles you’re comfortable with. The handheld show head has three setting modes: mixed, rain, and pulse.
    • Adjustable Height: Infaucets Piano Key Shower System comes with an adjustable height. It comes with an adjustable shower rail and shower head. Moreover, the shower head can also be adjusted to suit your needs for better living.
    • Spectacular finish; All Infaucets products go through high-quality finishing processes, like salt spray testing, that produce superior finishes that withstand paint peeling, and the Pian Key models are no exception. Our seamless polished textile includes an exquisite grey finish with a stainless steel top spray and copper pole for the main faucet body material.
    • Three-year warranty: The shower system comes with a three-year warranty—meaning if there are any quality issues within this period, Infaucets will replace major components of the system. It’ll also provide replacement parts for small accessories.

    7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Smart Digital Shower

    Stylish Piano Key Shower Systems-bathroom shower sets

    The pointer you need to think of while selecting the perfect shower system includes the following;

    Shower Size

    Size and bathroom layouts come first when choosing a bathroom shower faucet. If you’re trying to renovate the entire bathroom, ensure you take measurements. Will the shower change the existing plumbing system? All these questions will direct you to the right shower system.

    Bathroom Layout

    You may need to measure the dimensions of the space available to see if it matches the shower you need and should fit seamlessly into your bathroom functionality.

    Water Pressure

    The type of water pressure you have in your home may also determine the kind of shower system you’ll install. A mixer shower will suffice for homes with high water pressure systems; on the other hand, if you have a low-pressure system, smart digital shower systems would work well.

    Shower Valve

    Users usually pick from two options: pressure balance and thermostatic shower valve. The two valves allow you to control the volume of the water flow. So if you don’t intend to have water temperature fluctuations, then Infaucets thermostatic shower valves are the better option.


    You need to consider how powerful the shower system you opt for, especially if you’re trying to curb low water pressure in your home. It’s, therefore, wise to go for a power shower that will not consume much energy while in action.


    Ever heard of the saying “live within your means”? Yes, this also applies when you’re looking for a shower faucet. Return to the drawing board and determine how much you will spend on the shower system. While considering all the above factors, you find a shower that features things you need in the bathroom.

    Future Proofing and Disability-Catering Showers

    It’s prudent that you future-proof your shower with enclosures. Let your shower area leave room for people with disability and older people. Simply choose the right enclosure from the main ones; walk-in, cubicles, open shower, and a closed shower.

    Bonus Point: Mobility Catering Showers

    Seniors may need help to go into the shower. It’s therefore imminent that you look for ergonomic ones to provide them with easy access. You can install a wider door to ensure easy entry and exit for two individuals.

    Find your Perfect Shower System

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    While trying to find the best shower system, you must find the right kind regarding functionality, safety, and aesthetics. The best kinds will safeguard the entire household from thermostatic shocks and scalding. An anti-scald device is a foolproof solution for this menace.

    The wide range of bathroom shower collections on our online store is what you need to bring your shower experience to the next level. For more information on the bathroom shower faucets and other sanitary ware, we provide, call us at 0086 18957641336. We’re always ready to help.


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