Faucet Quality Control

Strictly control the quality of faucets to create a competitive advantage from the source.

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Our faucet Quality control

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Faucet Quality Control - Finish check
Finish checks

Infaucets’ faucet defect inspection examines the surface of the faucet and gives a detailed report on all possible defects.

Physical inspection

A good faucet is one that can pass the customer’s inspection without causing any difficulties and still have the quality to deliver his product safely to the consumer. Therefore, it must successfully pass the functional criteria checks set to meet the customer’s needs.

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Developing with the changing needs of our customers, while our technology is constantly improving.

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Since 1995 our state-of-the-art production and warehouse center operates on an area of 3M+ square feet. The plant focuses on the production of high-quality faucets.

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Infaucets has a high standard of machines in the industry today, with higher machining precision and assembly processes to ensure the reliability and stability of the manufactured taps.

Faucet Quality Control - Inspection

Safeguarding quality is a team effort

Producing quality faucets is a team effort requiring the joint support of the line operators, cleaning and changeover crews, and manufacturing/packaging management.
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Faucet Quality Control - Check Shipping Quality

Accuracy of data is our aim

Our testing technicians provide accurate data, and the testing machines help us do a better job of faucet data specification. And we have accumulated rich knowledge of equipment technology.
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What should I pay attention to when repairing a leaking faucet?

If you repair it yourself, the first thing is to turn off the water supply. Just turn off a water supply valve near the faucet to turn off the water supply, but if the house is not equipped with a water supply valve for every faucet, you have to turn off the main water supply valve to shut off all water supply. If it is difficult to find the cause of the faucet leaking, you can ask a professional maintenance technician to disassemble the faucet and replace the parts.

How does your company guarantee product quality?

First of all, after each process is over, we have inspectors to do corresponding inspections. For the final product, we will conduct 100% inspection according to customer requirements and international standards. Then, we have advanced and complete testing equipment in the industry: water testing, air testing, NSS testing, and laser typing. The above equipment can ensure that the finished product is delivered to the customer while ensuring that the customer understands the raw materials of the product, and has formulated some details and hot and cold faucets. Comprehensive testing requirements such as water testing, commissioning, and testing.

How is your factory production capability?

We have a full faucets production line including Casting Line, Machining Line, Polishing Line, and Assembling line. We can manufacture bathroom faucets, Kitchen faucets, washbasin faucets, toilet faucets,bathware up to 130k pcs/month.


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