How About Faucet Parts Production in China Supplier?

How About Faucet Parts Production in China Supplier?

There are many kinds of faucet parts, let’s find out what are the faucet fittings? How is it produced?

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    1.Faucet Cartridges

    There are many kinds of material of the cartridge, the most used is still stainless steel cartridge or ceramic cartridge. cartridge is used to adjust the water flow speed and size of the faucet, is an important component of the faucet. Through professional production equipment to produce.

    Cartridge shell inserted with a rotary core, the lower end of the rotary core through the fork stuck in the valve piece, the valve piece and the static valve piece fit each other, the static valve piece is fixedly mounted in the cartridge shell, in the static valve piece is also mounted below the pressure piece and the gasket, the static valve piece on the opening of the two opposing inlet holes, the valve piece with the inlet holes corresponding to the outlet holes, the rotary core on the opening of the through-hole and its center axis in the same direction.

    2.Braided Tube

    Braided tube is used to enter the water out, generally with 50 cm long braided tube, braided material there are many kinds of, of which the quality of a little better to belong to the stainless steel braided tube, the quality of aluminum wire braided tube is a little worse.

    The wire is first braided around the inner core so that the wires cross each other to form a braid, and then the braid is heated and shaped and removed from the core to obtain a braided tube. Due to the wire in the weaving in the tensile state, heat shaping of the braided body in the role of wire tension tightly wrapped around the surface of the inner core, resulting in the two are difficult to separate, if not properly operated will destroy the structure of the braided tube, reducing the yield of manufacturing.

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    The hose is used to connect the water out of the shower, usually with 1.5 meters of hose, the hose has a variety of materials:

    1. PVC hose is rich in color, good quality and high price.
    2. Stainless steel hose with stable quality and affordable price, most products are equipped with stainless steel hose.
    3. Nylon hose, most of the pull-out faucet is mostly used nylon hose.
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    4. Installation of Accessories

    1. Horseshoe piece: Horseshoe piece is divided into single-pole horseshoe piece and double-pole horseshoe piece, with brass, stainless steel, iron and so on.
    2. Installation sleeve: the upgraded version of horseshoe piece, easier to fix the installation parts.
    3. Angle: the angle is mainly applicable to the connection of shower faucet, bathtub faucet and water pipe.
    4. Wall cover: decorate the threads of shower faucet, bathtub faucet and water pipe connection, make the faucet more beautiful.
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    Where to Buy Faucet Fittings?

    • There are many places to sell faucets, such as hardware, large shopping malls, building materials market, etc., these places can buy faucet fittings, in addition to online can also buy faucet fittings.
    • When buying faucet fittings, the main thing to look at is the material of the fittings, different fittings have different materials, different materials are different degrees of durability, according to the actual use of demand to choose.
    • When buying faucet accessories, in addition to looking at the material of the product, but also pay attention to the product size, different faucets for different sizes of fittings, if the size is not right can not be used!

    There are many brands and products of faucet fittings with different performance, which need different production process and technology, so the price is also different. Do not know how to choose when you can find a professional us Infaucets to help you answer your questions.


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