How Does A Touchless Commercial Faucet Production?

How Does A Touchless Commercial Faucet Production?

Sensor faucet originated in the seventies in Japan and Europe and the United States and other economically developed countries, used in public places, to prevent secondary pollution after washing hands, to avoid disease infection, but the water-saving function is not too much attention.

touchless-sensor faucets

But because of the sensor faucet technology was not mature enough, in the development and popularization process is not all smooth sailing. With the maturity of the technology, now China’s production of sensor faucet has been with the development of induction sanitary ware, sensor faucet is widely used.

Sensor faucet and induction water-saving faucet, is a new invention of high-tech products, widely used in hotels, hotels, office buildings and other high-grade places, conducive to corporate water saving money at the same time more environmentally friendly for the world’s water-scarce cities to do a responsibility, with the development of induction sanitary ware induction water-saving faucet is widely used.

Under the influence of the new coronavirus, the sensor faucet has become the preferred faucet in public places, in the induction area of the hand to reach out to the water, away from the induction area of the hand collects that stops the water, switching the water by the sensor is completed automatically, without contacting the faucet, can effectively avoid bacterial cross infection.

The machine adopts microcomputer control, according to the shape of the basin to set the best induction distance, no need for human adjustment, but also has a 1-minute timeout washing water stop function, to avoid the waste of water caused by foreign objects for a long time in the induction range, DC power supply alkaline dry batteries, built-in filters, to avoid the impurities into the solenoid valve, easy to clean, beautiful appearance, solid structure, suitable for crowded places.

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    sensor faucet buying tips:

    1.Craftsmanship Appearance

    Selection of sensor faucet to see how the faucet’s craftsmanship, the appearance of the surface must be burr-free, no air holes, no oxidation spots, there must be no scratches, chrome should be better, low-priced sensor faucet chrome plating and poorer quality, a good sensor faucet has a longer lifespan.

    2. Infrared Induction

    Look at the infrared sensing part of the epoxy resin sealant or moisture-proof treatment, waterproof plug sensor faucet, line with low-power monolithic control, the light has the ability to resist interference, does not affect the induction of water action. If the manual adjustment is easy to make the circuit board moisture, the induction distance becomes shorter, affecting the normal use.

    3. Waterproof Performance

    Sensor faucet solenoid valve is best to have good waterproof performance, due to long-term installation in the basin below, the machine moisture, will cause poor contact, so that the machine does not work, the solenoid valve should reach the minimum life of the industry executive standards (more than 150,000 times).

    Advantages of sensor faucet:

    • Intelligent water conservation: automatic sensor control on, off, the hand or water containers, washing items into the sensor range, the faucet is automatically out of the water, leaving that is to stop out of the water, water-saving function is remarkable.

    touchless-sensor faucets
    • Timeout protection: 30 seconds timeout washing automatic water shut-off function, to avoid the waste of water due to foreign objects for a long time in the induction range.

    • Convenient and hygienic: the switching of water is completed automatically by the sensor, and the hand does not need to touch the faucet, effectively avoiding bacterial cross-infection.
    • Intelligent power saving: sensor faucet using modern digital technology, ultra-low energy consumption (DC type products use 4 No. 5 alkaline batteries, quiescent current ≤ 60μA).

    • Adaptable: according to different use of the environment to adjust the induction sensitivity (range).

    • Production process: brass precision casting, chrome-plated surface treatment, always keep the luster; streamline design, strong sense of modernity.

    • Easy to maintain: built-in filter to avoid impurities into the solenoid valve affect the normal operation, and easy to clean.

    • Weak power tips: DC type products with battery replacement tips, battery power is insufficient, the indicator light is always on, prompting timely replacement of batteries.

    • Applicable places: hotels, guest houses, office buildings, airports, medical institutions and other public places.

    Troubleshooting of sensor faucet:

    • Sensor faucet does not come out of the water: first determine whether the power supply is normal, now popular main power supply for AC 220V transformed into 12V and 6V; DC 6V (seven or five alkaline batteries four) and DC 3V (two seven or five alkaline batteries), with a hand blocking the infrared window in front of the observation of whether there is a light, part of the sensor faucet brand of infrared window using a single chip machine control, the power supply Indicator light in the water control part (installed in the basin below). 

    If no response, the initial judgment of the induction part of the fault, can replace the infrared probe, on this side of the proposal for the fault can not be judged by the user, if there are other normal sensor faucet, can be used to rule out the method of the infrared part of the plug in the first part of the faulty faucet water control part of the plug, so it is easy to determine is the inductive part of the fault or the solenoid valve part of the water control failure! At the same time, pay attention to all the plugs without poor contact or the possibility of moisture.

    • Sensor faucet can not turn off the water: exclude foreign objects in front of the induction window (the principle of the sensor is as long as there is an object in the infrared sensing distance range of the machine on the response) and the indicator is normal, check the water control part of the water inlet end of the filter is not clogged with mud or other debris, such as please clean;

    If you fail to solve the problem, please dismantle the valve solenoid valve, clean the coil of the valve core, springs, diaphragm, and so on, and then install it back in the same way, such as also Can not shut off the water is that the solenoid valve is bad, replace the new solenoid valve part can be.

    touchless-sensor faucets

    On this side there is a rule of thumb, can not turn off the water, with a hand sensor, such as the amount of water found to become larger, the hand away from the water still can not turn off, but the amount of water than the use of small, which indicates that the solenoid valve is not faulty, only need to clean the solenoid valve according to the above method can be used normally.

    • Sensor faucet out of the small amount of water: on the one hand to see if the water pressure and pipeline flow itself is small, on the other hand, check the water control part of the water inlet end of the filter is clogged with impurities, but also on the one hand to consider today’s pipeline are used PPR, part of the project construction pipeline joints using thermal fusion, does not exclude excessive thermal fusion will be deformed pipe, so that the water through the pipeline to become smaller.


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