How Chinese Manufacturers Produce Electronic Faucets?

A faucet is a device used to control the flow and direction of water and can be found everywhere in people’s daily lives. There are now many types of faucets, we have a basin faucet, a shower faucet, a shower mixer, a bathroom faucet, a kitchen mixer, and a kitchen faucet. We have an automatic faucet, a sensor kitchen faucet, and a sensor faucet. 


In modern times, many faucet manufacturers in china usually also have the function of adjusting the temperature of the water, and to meet the needs of people in controlling the temperature of the water, some faucets are usually equipped with the function of displaying the temperature of the water. So how are the electronic faucets produced do you know?

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    What are Electronic Faucets?

    An electronic faucet, including a faucet body, a spool, a power generation valve, and an LCD board; the LCD board is connected to a circuit control board underneath the faucet body, and the two are set together in the upper front of the faucet body;

    The spool is fixed in the faucet body and the water is controlled by a control handle on the faucet body, and the water outlet of the spool is connected to the power generation valve, and the power generation valve is connected to the water outlet of the faucet body; the power generation valve is provided with an impeller.

    The impeller is pivoted in the power generation valve body, the permanent magnet is fixed in the impeller, the coil is fixed in the power generation valve body by the coil sleeve, and the coil is located in the permanent magnet position of the impeller, the circuit control board is connected to the coil through the wire to realize the electrical circuit.

    The use of water system water pressure, kinetic energy, potential energy, drive micro-generator components, generate voltage, can drive the LCD board to display the flow of water from the faucet and temperature, the difference in speed caused by the motor hydroelectric current frequency can be converted to the size of the flow of water.

    How to Make Electronic Faucets?


    The manufacturing process of the main body of the digital faucet is sand casting, manual metal mold casting, gravity casting machine, and low-pressure casting four categories, through one of the processes to create the digital faucet embryo, and post-casting cleaning and casting inspection.

    Digital faucet embryo through various types of machine tools for its turning, milling, planing, grinding, boring, and other types of machining, to achieve precision, and tolerance inspection. After finishing the faucet needs to be polished, first to burr, then need first rough polishing and then fine polishing, followed by over sand and then repair the light version, you get a mirror gloss faucet body.

    The polished body needs to be plated with copper first to enhance the adhesion of plating, then plated with a nickel layer (including semi-gloss nickel and bright nickel) nickel layer plays a role in anti-corrosion, and because nickel itself is a soft material and dark color, so the last will be plated with a layer of chromium layer on the nickel layer to play a role in hardening the surface while improving the brightness.

    How do The Electronic Faucets Work?


    Electronic faucets through a reasonable structure design can make the user can timely water temperature control. The main body is formed with a water inlet channel and water outlet channel, the main body is provided with an electronic installation port connected to the water inlet channel, the electronic installation port is aligned with the water passage hole and installed with an electronic device, the temperature sensor is connected between the water passage and the electronic installation port.

    The water outlet channel is equipped with a small generator, and the electronic device, temperature sensor, and small generator is electrically connected, the water outlet channel is also equipped with a water distribution area, and the main body is formed with a water outlet hole connected to the water distribution area.

    The water inlet area and the mixing hole in the mixing area, the water inlet area is provided with a temperature control area aligned with the mixing hole, and the temperature control area is provided with a temperature control valve spool.

    Out of the water channel formed in the third retaining wall for limiting the water division, the third retaining wall formed with the main body of the number of water holes on the water division, each water division hole each connected to a water hole, the main body is provided with a water control installation port connected to the water channel, water control installation port and water division are aligned, and installed with a water control spool for controlling the water intake of the water division hole.

    There are two water divisions in the water outlet channel, and two water control installation ports on the main body. The water passage is located between the water divisions, and the electronic installation port on the main body is located between the water control installation ports.

    What is Included in The Electronic Faucets?

    electronic faucets include a small generator, driven by the water flow in the faucet to provide power; a controller, including a circuit board, said circuit board is set micro-controller and rectifier filter circuit, said controller is set in the faucet after waterproof treatment;

    Temperature sensor, set in the faucet, detects the temperature of the water flowing through, and the resulting signal into said controller; LCD device, after waterproof The LCD device, after the waterproof treatment, is set on the faucet, controlled and displayed by the signal output from said controller. The user can hold the temperature control key and thus complete the water temperature adjustment.

    How to Choose an Electronic Faucet?


    The first move: look at the appearance

    Quality faucet processing fine, good surface finish, can be close to the mirror effect and not distorted; this is because, in the bathroom and other wet environment, the shower surface generally have to go through chrome plating treatment, but the same is chrome plating, process processing difference is very big.

    Tube body surface to be polished, polishing, dust removal, nickel plating, chrome plating, and other processing procedures to ensure that in use will not become black, blistering off, in general, from the faucet surface, the naked eye can see the more shiny, delicate, the better the plating process.

    The second move: weigh.

    Too light faucet is mainly manufactured to reduce costs, hollowing out the internal copper, faucet looks great, pick up not heavy, more easily withstand the water pressure and burst.

    The third trick: turn the handle, and feel the light spool well.

    When turning the faucet handle, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, off and on easily without obstruction, no slippage, poor quality faucet gap is large, obstructed feeling; common faucet spool has a steel ball spool and ceramic spool.

    The steel ball spool has good resistance to pressure, but the disadvantage is that the gas sealing role of the rubber ring is easy to lose, and will soon be aging. The ceramic spool is more heat-resistant and wear-resistant, itself has a good sealing performance, so it can achieve a high number of open resistance, not due to spool wear caused by dripping spout. The use of a ceramic spool faucet feels more comfortable, and smooth, and opens, and closes quickly.

    The fourth move: listen to the sound.

    A good faucet should be cast copper as a whole, knocking sound dull, if the sound is very brittle, is made of stainless steel materials, the quality too poor a grade;

    The fifth trick: test the water flow, foam rich and soft so that the bubbler is better.

    Consumers in the purchase, should try to choose the faucet with a bubbler, and feel the water flow by hand touch, water flow to soft and foam (water bubble content) rich description of the bubbler quality is better. Bubbler generally to six layers, usually by the metal mesh (part of the plastic), the water flow through the mesh will be cut into a large number of interspersed with the air of the tiny water column so that the water does not splash around.

    The sixth trick: know the mark.

    General formal goods are manufacturers of brand identity, and some informal products or some quality products are often only pasted some paper labels, or even without any mark, be sure to pay attention when shopping.


    The purchase of faucets should be based on the actual situation of the bathroom area to choose the size and style of the basin, if the area is small, you should generally choose the column basin, because the use of a column basin in a small area of the bathroom can enhance the sense of ventilation in the bathroom;

    If the area is larger, you should choose the pedestal basin, because the pedestal basin can enhance the sense of the customer’s consumption class. Secondly, because the production design of sanitary ware products is often series, so the choice of the basin must be with the seat has been chosen to belong to the same series, which can reflect the grade of the product is not a group of characteristics.

    Wash basin and faucet purchase is the highlight of the basin series consumption, and in the whole process of use to bring consumers to the most direct and often feel. In the choice of faucet do not forget the requirements of the faucet spool, which is the key part of the faucet. Some faucets installed and used soon after the phenomenon of dripping water, is because the valve core is not qualified, and a good valve core should be a ceramic core.


    Electronic faucets through a reasonable structure design can be the first time to display the temperature of the water, for the user to control the water temperature to provide sufficient response time, while the faucet can be in the water before the temperature control. electronic faucets water way flexible, easy to adjust, and can meet users’ needs in different scenarios.

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