Sensor Faucet VS Touchless Bathroom Faucet with Temperature Control

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Sensor Faucet vs Touchless Bathroom Faucet With Temperature Control

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Supermarkets, public restrooms, and stations in many places have a kind of automatic flow of water automatic sensor faucets, many people must be very interested in knowing whether this kind of faucet is good or not. It can be said that it is currently a more popular faucet on the market.

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    What is The Principle of Sensor Faucets?

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    The sensor faucet uses the principle of infrared reflection. When a person’s hand enters the infrared area of the faucet, the infrared emission tube emits infrared light. This light is reflected by the person’s hand and received by the infrared receiving tube. 

    The microcomputer processes the signal and sends it to the pulsed solenoid valve. The solenoid valve detector accepts the signal and opens the spool to control the flow of water from the faucet.; when the human hand is away from the infrared induction range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, the solenoid valve spool through the internal spring to reset to control the faucet water off.

    What are The Advantages of Sensor Faucets?

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    1. Aesthetically pleasing design

    Sensor faucet in the shape of the design of the more beautiful atmosphere, will not be so cumbersome and has a very strong decorative, and use its convenience.

    2. Humanized design

    Sensor faucet design is very humane, the valve opening time is a timing limit, generally about 30 seconds. If beyond this limited time, the valve will automatically close, so as not to waste water due to foreign objects for a long time in the induction range.

    3. Conserving water

    Sensor faucets using the principle of infrared sensors to switch the operation of the water valve, effectively prevent the waste of water resources, can avoid people because they forget to close the faucet causing the waste of water resources, compared to other types of faucets water-saving rate of up to 60% or more. Saving water can protect water, and make it environmentally friendly.

    4. Hygiene

    Sensor faucets are more hygienic, you can physically touch in the use of other faucets, we wash our hands to close the valve operation, which will inevitably be contaminated with germ, and sensor faucets will not have such problems, we do not have to touch the valve with our hands, as long as our hands leave the infrared induction area, the valve will automatically close.

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    What are The Disadvantages of Sensor Faucets?

    1. Need power supply drive, so to do regular replacement of the internal power supply system.
    1. Can not take into account to receive water and hand washing, such as washing face to receive a basin of water, only less water it is impossible to hand has been preventing the induction, for this point, is not suitable for home use, if there are improvements later, it is possible to consider.
    1. The cost is relatively high, the current market price of induction faucets needs to be between 400 yuan to 1000 yuan, and some are even more expensive.
    1. Due to the special nature of the induction faucet, it is more expensive to produce, so now the decoration materials market induction faucet price is more expensive, generally between 400 yuan to 1000 yuan, some induction faucets may also be even more costly because of another excellent performance price.
    1. Sensor faucet because of the use of the need for a power supply drive, so we in the use of the product is to, regularly for induction faucet of the internal power supply system components of the overhaul as well as replacement. This is also a battery-powered faucet.
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    How to Clean The Sensor Faucet?

    1. Do not wipe the surface of the faucet directly with a wet towel.
    1. Do not wipe the faucet with burr objects.
    1. Don’t let the faucet touch the acid and alkali liquid. It will make sensor faucet corrosion.
    1. Don’t put the faucet directly on hard objects (especially when showing it to customers, don’t put it directly on our desk, giving customers the feeling that your product is not high-grade).
    1. Use a dry, soft cotton cloth to wipe.

    How to Maintain The Sensor Faucet?

    1. Usually available car wax spray to the faucet surface 3-5 minutes after wiping, can keep the brightness of the faucet samples;
    1. Usually it is best not to touch directly with your hands because there is oil on your hands that is easy to stain the surface of the faucet, and not easy to clean, affecting the brightness.
    1. Change the position of the faucet sample frequently.

    What is a Touchless Bathroom Faucet?

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    The touchless bathroom sink faucets are a new product of bathroom technology integrating temperature sensing, mechanical transmission, liquid mixing, gravity casting, intelligent control, and other high and new technologies (commercial name: touchless faucet). Touch faucets can be widely used in families, hotels, hotels, baths, and other occasions.

    Touchless faucets work: Use a touch faucet just touch the button, it can automatically pass the water, the internal intelligent chip, and control system at the same time to maintain dynamic operation, to ensure that the bath temperature has been constant, the real realization of the traditional bath faucet digital, intelligent.

    What are The Basic Functions of The Touchless Bathroom Faucet?

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    1. Touch control:

    The real foolproof design, water through and through, is a key to deal with.

    2. Intelligent constant temperature:

    Automatically keep the water temperature constant, there will be no water pressure, or water temperature changes caused by the water temperature hot and cold.

    3. Safety anti-scald:

    When the cold water is suddenly interrupted, can automatically shut off the hot water within a few seconds, and scalding accidents no longer occur.

    4. Temperature adjustable:

    The temperature adjustment button on the bathtub allows consumers to set the temperature according to their preferences, physical condition, and the season. This provides a truly humane bathing experience.

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    5. Limited flow and water saving:

    Equipped with a water flow controller, automatically adjust the water flow required for bathing in the process of use, not only convenient to use, but also to maximize the savings in water resources.

    6. Preventing water cascade:

    The import of hot and cold water is designed with full closure, which can effectively prevent water cascade in case of pressure imbalance of hot and cold water.

    7. Applicable differential pressure:

    The product design takes fully into account the characteristics of solar water heater pressure difference between hot and cold water, the highest applicable differential pressure ratio of hot and cold water is 6:1.

    8. Easy to install:

    The main body of the faucet is made of brass forging process, and the surface of the shell is polished and chrome-plated, with an installation base and standard interface, easy and fast installation. Its compact structure, beautiful appearance, and modern decoration of the bathroom harmonious unity.

    9. Functional continuation:

    It will be matched with the solar water heater to realize the function of the LCD clock display, automatic clock control (timed water on and off), and realize the function of automatic water on and off without cable and return pipe.


    Sensor faucet and touch faucet have their advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to your needs. For more details, please click Infaucets to understand.


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