How to Work for Toilet Hand-Held Bidet Sprayers| Shattaf Bidet Sprayer?

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Toilet Hand-Held Bidet Sprayers| Shattaf Bidet Sprayer

The bidet sprayer is also called women’s wash, body cleanser, toilet companion, etc., in fact, its main purpose is to turn the water flow into a high-pressure water gun, the role is convenient, the toilet bowl and toilet seat are very dirty, this time you can use the handheld bidet sprayer to flush some; also can flush bathroom floor.

For example, we just came back from outside, wearing slippers, a lot of mud or step on fecal matter, you can also go to the bathroom to rinse properly; such as mopping the mop above a lot of dirty things, the same can be flushed with the sprayer. Another example is the home of pets, you can use the bidet spray to flush. If the gay and lesbian toilets are finished, no installation of an intelligent toilet cover, you can also use the bidet spray to flush, which can effective cleaning.

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    What is a Bidet?

    Women’s washers, also known as a bidet, are sanitary products designed specifically for women. Most bidets are portable bidets, standalone bidets, and handheld bidets. The appearance of the bidet is somewhat similar to the toilet, but it has a faucet nozzle like a washbasin, with hot water and cold water options, and there are two categories of direct spray and under spray.

    The function of the woman washer is different from the bidet toilet seats installed in the bathroom, using a bidet mainly for women to clean their private parts nether regions .Beneficial to personal hygiene. It is understood that the net body basin is not accepted by the majority of families for four main reasons:

    First, not many people know; second, the washroom area is not large; third, the price is higher; fourth, the installation of the net body basin requires the water inlet and outlet pipe with the old house redecoration want to add more complex, which also makes part of the old house owners who intend to improve the enjoyment of life can not be achieved.

    How to Install the Bidet?

    toilet hand-held bidet sprayers-Freestanding-bidet
    1. Shut off valve. Align the drain of the bidet apparatus with the entrance of the sewer pipe and set up the purifier right angle. Make a mark at the installation hole, and remove the body washer to put expansion bolts in the marked holes.
    1. Install the bidet faucet and drain water.
    1. Connect the drain pipe and insert it into the drainage port.
    1. Apply glass glue to the bottom edge of the bidet.
    1. Align the expansion bolts to fix the gynecological washer on the floor.
    1. Apply glass glue inside the decorative cap to snap it onto the bolt.
    1. Install the angle valve and drain the water to flush out the residue in the inlet water supply pipe.
    1. Connect the angle t valve and the body washer faucet with a bidet hose.
    1. Test flush, if no abnormalities can be used.

    How does the Toilet Hand-Held Bidet Sprayer Work?

    1. A high-pressure gun is mainly the use of water pressure to form the impact, somewhat similar to the principle of car washing. If dirt is stuck on the toilet biscuit, it is also more convenient to flush with it. Directly no longer need the toilet brush, the toilet can always be kept clean and hygienic.
    1. It can also adjust the strength and size of the water at will according to their needs, high-pressure water spray strength will not wear to the toilet, tile, basin glaze, and better protection of the bathroom building materials life.
    toilet hand-held bidet sprayers-Bidet-water

    What does a Toilet Hand-Held Bidet Sprayer Do?

    1. Used to flush the toilet, if the toilet biscuit is stuck on a particularly stubborn stain, the normal flush can not wash off the time, use it is very convenient, the principle is the use of water pressure to form an impact.
    1. It can clean the floor drain, every time after opening the floor drain, sticky things inside, directly with the lance to clean it. In addition, the toilet high-pressure lance does not need a special inlet pipe, you can share a common inlet with the toilet, as long as you change the angle valve from one to two out.
    toilet hand-held bidet sprayers-Hand-bidets

    What are The Benefits of Installing a Toilet Hand-Held Bidet Sprayer?

    1. Easy to use, cheap

    Whether it is before or after a home renovation, can be equipped with a toilet bowl high-pressure lance, does not need a special inlet water supply pipe, and can share a common inlet with the toilet tank, as long as the change of an inlet and outlet angle t valve, hanging on the wall will not take up too much space.

    2. Multi-functional cleaning range

    Toilet high-pressure lance is also somewhat similar to our high-pressure car wash, the use of water pressure to form the impact, without the toilet brush can be residual stubborn stains in the toilet rinsed clean, to keep the toilet bowl clean and odorless.

    You can also use the toilet high-pressure lance to clean the nooks and crannies of the bathroom, where it is not usually easy to do hygiene, and our wash basin, to do hygiene or to save a lot of effort. And high-pressure water jet flushing will not wear to our toilet, tile, or basin glaze, the glaze is also good protection.

    This high-pressure sprayer will generally be equipped with a long corrugated water supply pipe, this water supply pipe can be retracted, very convenient to use. In addition to the bathroom, the balcony watering flowers, and rinse mop for hygiene are also used.

    toilet hand-held bidet sprayers-Jet-Spray

    How to Install the Toilet Handheld Bidet Sprayer?

    In general, the sprayer is installed at the toilet corner t valve, it is easy to install you can connect an inlet and outlet t valve, a lot of bidet sprayers have such a set, convenient for us to operate, connect a tee, it is also possible, after all, the weapon is controlled by the handle, so through the tee connection is no problem.

    How to Protect the Bidet Sprayer Head?

    • Before the operation and after cleaning or repair work, it must be ensured that all parts are tightened;
    • Before installing the air hose, make sure that the air interface at the lower part of the sprayer handle is clean;
    • Use the air pressure specified in the sprayer manual, and never exceed the specified air pressure to avoid damage to the sprayer components and causing an explosion
    • Do not soak the entire sprayer in cleaning fluid or thinner for a long time, which will harden the sealing ring and destroy the lubrication effect;
    • Be careful when dismantling and installing, and do not damage the parts, and the rubber washers of the thimble should not be damaged, and then dry it with a soft towel or use toilet paper for storage;
    • Never turn the sprayer on anyone (including yourself) at any time
    • When it is found that the tool leaks, please do not use it, and notify the maintenance personnel for overhaul;
    toilet hand-held bidet sprayers-Bidet-Shower

    How to Maintain the Handheld Sprayer?

    • The sprayer cannot be wiped with hard substances such as steel balls, which are easy to damage the surface
    • Wipe the exterior of the sprayer with a damp cloth. Never immerse the sprayer completely in any solvent or strong acid and alkali cleaning solution, as this will damage the surface of the sprayer and the lubricants and gaskets inside, thus shortening the life of the sprayer.

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