How to Work for Toilet & Faucet Supply Line?


How does the supply line work for toilets and faucets?

Faucet Supply lines according to the use of the use can be divided into single-headed tubes, faucet supply lines, and shower tubes (shower faucet supply lines). The single-ended tube is mainly used for faucets, sinks, and other kitchen and bathroom hardware, its name comes from one end and has external teeth, also known as the rod, a single-ended tube in the weave requires 304 stainless steel wire, EPDM inner tube, accessories for all copper.

Faucet Supply Line-Water Supply Line

The faucet supply line is divided into stainless steel and alloy wire (aluminum wire), also divided into upper and lower. The shower tube is generally 201 and 304 stainless steel braided, EPDM inner tube, and all-copper fittings.

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    How to Install Faucet supply lines?

    Before installing the faucet to check whether all the parts and accessories of the faucet are complete, shut off valve, and take over the time to remember that the left is the hot water pipe, the right is the cold water pipe, and the distance between the two differences of 100-200mm, in the inlet pipe joint fixed and then remove the faucet, wait until the wall masonry work is completed and then install the faucet, so as not to wear the surface coating.

    Use a 250-30mm active wrench or pipe wrench to remove the old faucet rotating in the counterclockwise direction, hold the faucet in your left hand and use raw material in the threads of the faucet to wrap a few turns in the clockwise direction, screw the faucet in the clockwise direction on the interface of the water pipe, tighten with a wrench, and then open the main valve of the water can be.

    If the faucet interface is set into the wall, use a wrench to hold the faucet counterclockwise screw on it, must be hard, some force is small is not screwed down, if the water pipe is exposed outside the best pipe pliers to hold the round water pipe that end, in the wrench to hold the faucet counterclockwise screw on it.

    Old faucet and water pipe interface screw on too tight, screw down, as long as one hand with pipe pliers or active wrench stuck faucet, one hand holding the inner wire buckle, the fine force can be. It is not possible only to cut and saw under the reinstallation. If the screws are difficult to screw, you can use loose rust agent spray some timed of time, with a hammer after a light blow, and then screw to see.

    Faucet Supply Line-toilet-supply-lines

    How to Repair Leaky water supply lines?

    1. First, confirm which water supply line is leaking and dripping.

    You can use a dry rag, first dry one of the water supply lines so that the surface of the water is not. Then after a look, if there is water, that is, this one has a problem; if there is no water, that is, another one has a problem.

    2. If the faucet into the water supply line is bad.

    To choose a large, small pipe, the small end is to screw it into the faucet. First, close the main water supply valve, find out the problematic water supply line fittings on the inlet supply tube, and screw them down. Then remove the faucet. The faucet is usually fixed with screws on the sink or basin, find the fixed plastic nut, and press down.

    Faucet Supply Line-toilets-water-supply-line

    Then you can easily unscrew the other end of the bad supply tube. Screw the small end of the new water supply line on, without wrapping sealing tape. Use pliers to fix. Install the faucet in the reverse order of the demolition. Put the panel in place. Screw the end of the new supply line with a metal nut onto the inlet pipe, also without wrapping sealing tape. Use pliers to fix.


    1. The installation of hot and cold water pipes in the bathroom, water pipes generally go to the top and not to the ground, the pipeline laying needs to be horizontal and straight, avoid bending. Layout to be safe and reasonable, as far away from the circuit.

    2. Bathroom hot and cold water pipes should be separated from the point not too close. Cold and hot water outlets must be kept level, generally left hot right cool; shower water pipe height between 1.8M-2.1M.

    3. The location of the pipe card and the slope of the pipe should be in line with the specification requirements. All kinds of valves should be installed in the correct position and installed flat, easy to use, and maintain.

    4. Cold and hot water pipes are generally in the wall practice, slotting needs to carefully check the depth of the slot, while hot and cold water pipes can not be in the same slot.

    5. In The installation of the water heater inlet and outlet, be sure to consider the location of the valve into the water, and the gas valve should be installed in the appropriate location.

    Faucet supply lines leakage causes

    1. The faucet Faucet Supply Line leakage reason is that in every water, open the faucet that moment, the water pressure must be high, and the friction generated by the two Faucet Supply Line must also be strong, so in the case of long-term switch faucet, such as two Faucet Supply Line cross installation Faucet Supply Line is naturally easy to be worn, but also easy to cause the occurrence of leakage phenomenon.

    2. The key to preventing the woven pipe leakage is to have to choose a good woven pipe, such as some big point brand products. Before installing the woven pipe, you must first test the water pressure to understand the local water pressure and the pressure resistance of the selected woven pipe. When installing braided pipes, be sure to pay attention to the two braided pipes do not cross installation.

    Such as the structure of the braided pipe, the first analysis from the structure of the nut, the structure of the braided pipe nut on the market, is the core above the gasket, in the installation of just the core top end, the structure is not reasonable, so it is easy to lead to leakage.

    Faucet Supply Line-angle-stop

    Faucet supply lines Fitting measure

    The sizes of braided faucet fittings are divided according to the size of the pipe, the common ones are 4-points and 6-points. In some other special areas, the sizes used are custom-made.

    Also, it is important to understand that.

    1. The faucet can be installed with raw material tape, but also can be installed with hemp wire.

    2. If it is not a plastic faucet, install it with hemp wire.

    Faucet Supply Line-toilet-water-supply-lines

    3. On the faucet, pay attention to the length of the remaining threads, installed after the appropriate loose-tight.

    4. If too loose is not convenient to use easily crooked, too tight, and may not screw in place or will be accessories screw collapse.

    5. On the faucet, first turn clockwise with hand tighten(or towel), then tighten two to three turns with a wrench is almost done.


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