How to Fix Faucet and Shower Handles and Accessories?

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Fix Faucet and Shower Handles and Accessories

Faucet is the common name for the water valve, used to control the size of the water flow on and off, with a water-saving effect. Faucets are updated very quickly, from the old cast iron process to the development of electroplating knob type, and the development of stainless steel single temperature single control faucets, stainless steel double temperature double control faucets, and kitchen semi-automatic faucets.

Fix Faucet and Shower Handles and Accessories-Shower Valve

Now, more and more consumers buy faucets, which will be from the material, function, shape, and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. The faucet is divided into single-handle faucets and two-handle faucets.

How to Fix the Leaky Faucet?

1. Change the axis of the faucet

First of all, when repairing the faucet must understand clearly the reason for the leak, if the faucet is the axis rubber seals worn, then repair the time also use pliers will gland spigot turn loose, and then take out the axis gasket inside, and replace a new one on it.

2. Water stop tape damage

The faucet will be tethered well or use a wrench to take down the faucet counterclockwise rotation, this time you can use the tape in accordance with the clockwise method to roll it on, get it, and then the faucet for re-screwing well, be sure to try to see if there will be a leak phenomenon.

Fix Faucet and Shower Handles and Accessories-Remove The Screw

3. Faucet receiver joint leakage

In the processing time remember to get rid of the faucet cover type nut, or to re-enter it tethered, or can also consider directly on the new u-shaped washer.

What is a Shower Faucet?

Shower faucet: It is installed above the shower and used to open the hot and cold mixed water. The valve body is also mostly made of brass, with a chrome-plated and gold-plated appearance. The way of opening and closing the water flow is screw lift type, ceramic spool type, etc.

The shower faucet has a hose shower and wall-mounted shower; with special features such as a thermostatic faucet, faucet with a filtering device, and faucet with the pull-out hose, they all have different requirements when installation.

Fix Faucet and Shower Handles and Accessories-Valve Stem

How to Repair a leaky Shower Faucet?

1. First, turn off the water and close the water supply shower valve, make the shower head not have residual water(slowly turn your shower head, remaining water may drip onto your head), if the water valve is handwheel type, we can turn the valve to the left to close it.

If the water valve is a handle type, we turn the stem of the water valve 90 degrees so that it is at a right angle to the supply lines. We need to close the water valve before the repair to avoid water leakage during the repair.

2. Then gently remove the shower handle and a screw hole can be seen behind the shower handle. Let’s put a Phillips screwdriver(can use a small screwdriver) into the screw hole, unscrew the set screw of the shower handle, and then remove the screw and handle. Some shower handles have decorative caps that need to be removed to see the set screw. But don’t leave it lying around to avoid losing it or you can put it in a plastic bag.

Fix Faucet and Shower Handles and Accessories-Access

3. Replace the leaky spool, after removing the shower handle puller, you can see the spool, take out the spool, after removing it, you can carry out internal flushing to remove buildup the impurities in it, do a good job of cleaning, after ensuring that the surface is free of impurities, we can replace with a new valve, to the hole to be accurate.

When installing, we should align and install the positioning post of the valve with the positioning hole of the shower handle. After the shower spool is installed, we should put the handle in place, fix it with screws and finally cover it with a decorative cap.

After the installation is complete, you can try to see if the water is still leaking. If there is still a problem, maybe you like installing a new shower faucet in place of the old faucet or call a professional maintenance person, also you can read the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Repair the Shower Faucet Handles?

First of all, close the water valve, pry off the decorative cover cap of the handle; then unscrew the handle screw with tools and remove the handle; then remove the decorative cover and gland nut, rinse the impurities on the handle and dry it, then install the new spool; finally, put the handle back in place with screws and screw on the gland screws.

Reasons for leaking water outlet

1. The axial rubber gasket inside the tube is worn out by long-term use. We can take off the gland, use the clip to take off the old gasket, and then replace the new gasket.

2. Faucet spigot under the seam leakage. This is mainly because the gland inside the triangle gasket wears caused by, the processing is also very simple, just needs to be more like the new gasket can be.

3. The switch takes over the water leakage. Mainly because of the cover plate nut loose off the cause, just need to re-tighten the nut or U-type sealing washer can be.

How to Repair Shower Accessories?

Nozzle clogging

1. Inlet descaling.

Remove the nozzle, gently shake and pour out the water inlet particles, and clean with water;

2. Water outlet descaling.

There are two ways to deal with scale: chemical descaling method is the use of acid can dissolve the principle of scale, the nozzle soaked in white vinegar for a period of time, and then cleaned with water there is a needle with an embroidery needle stabbed into the water outlet hole one by one so that the scale off, and then cleaned with water.

Fix Faucet and Shower Handles and Accessories-Handle Screw

Water leakage from the spray head

Shower nozzle leakage to take different repair methods depending on the situation. If it is the connection of the nozzle handle leakage, you can take a special adhesive around the handle of the nozzle to stop the leakage;

If the shower nozzle steering ball leakage, the general seal does not work, just remove the o-rings, and replace the new o ring. If it is the nozzle itself leaks, generally directly replacing the nozzle can be.

Broken hose

Shower hose broken should be the simplest because the nozzle and hose are detachable, the hose is broken just need to unscrew the nozzle end of the fixed hose nut, you can go to the local hardware store and replace the same new hose can be.

Faucet noise

Fix Faucet and Shower Handles and Accessories-Handle Puller

May be too high water pressure, hot and cold officer fixed poor or inlet pipe with scale or obstructions. If this is the case we must first reduce the water pressure and check the water pipe and water heater are not connected, if not, that the inlet pipe has scale or obstructions, and need to clean up.

The water temperature is low

Maybe the water heater power is not enough, the temperature is not adjusted in place. Solution: adjust the temperature control button or buy a larger water heater shower.

What to Pay Attention to When Bathing?

1. First of all, when using the shower, adjust the switch faucet, to gently twist and dial, do not use brute force, and do not faucet handle and shower when the rack as a handrail use and support.

2. Secondly, the shower hose is a natural stretch, when not in use, do not coil it on the faucet, not to form a dead-end hose and faucet, otherwise, it will break the hose.

3. Usually after each bath, use a towel to wipe the shower spout clean to avoid leaving the scale. And spout is used for a long time, usually due to clogging debris and causing leakage or closing the situation is not tight. We need to remove the handle and valve cover, clear the internal impurities, and then put back the same.

In addition, if the spout is a rubber material, can be used to rub by hand while rinsing. Stainless steel and copper spouts can be unclogged with a paper clip. The ceramic spool spout is not closed, may be hard abrasion or pre-tightening force is insufficient, it is recommended to contact the aftermarket repair or remove the handle to screw the spool.

Fix Faucet and Shower Handles and Accessories-Stop Tube

4. The shower should not be used in an environment where the temperature is higher than 70 degrees, and the shower should not be placed in direct sunlight, can adjust the retaining clip.

Because the high temperature and ultraviolet light will make the shower quickly aging, reducing the use years. In addition, the shower should not be installed in the bath and other heat sources near, if space is limited, you need to maintain a distance of 60 centimeters.

Maintenance Tips for Showers

1. Limescale removal

Shower hose break should be the simplest because the nozzle and hose can be separated, the hose break just needs to unscrew the nozzle end fixed hose nut, and replace the same new hose can be.

2. Faucet plating surface maintenance

Often use a soft cloth sticky with a little flour wipe the shower plating surface, and then rinse with water can make the shower surface shiny as new.


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