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Amazon FBA headway seller is a platform that provides diversified and personalized headway services. Many first-time amazon sellers selling faucets on the Amazon platform have encountered the problem of shipping, especially now that the network and e-commerce are prevalent, e-commerce sales in all major cities in China will face the problem of Amazon express shipping, and most new amazon sellers will have many questions, such as

What is the shipping process for Chinese faucets in Amazon FBA?

What about Amazon FBA Shipping costs?

What about the freight costs?

What should we need to be aware of while shipping from China to the amazon FBA warehouse?

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Let’s talk about these questions in the following article.

What are the Three ways for China to

• Shipping Directly

Sellers can choose the direct shipping provided by DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. Generally speaking, for goods over 20kg, its shipping fee will be not so expensive, its time efficiency is fast, and it is suitable for urgent replenishment.

Pros: Appointment-free entry is available, and the shipping time is shorter.

Cons: When using this shipping service, Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment, sellers need to do a good job of declaring and prepaying customs duties and contact the local customs clearance importer in advance.

• FBA Air Freight (It's not a freight forwarder)

This air shipping method is provided by Amazon FBA, (It’s not a freight forwarder) and it includes air freight, local customs clearance, and destination country delivery. Shipping goods can be shipped at any time, the whole process including tax to the door, but the time limit is a little longer, usually takes about 8-15 days, not suitable for sending urgent goods.

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Pros: Moderate shipping cost, good timeliness, and access to the many benefits of Amazon FBA.

Cons: Generally, it needs to be booked into the Amazon FBA warehouse and the operation process is troublesome.

•  FBA Ocean Freight/Sea Freight/Sea Shipping

This is also provided by Amazon FBA, (It’s not a freight forwarder) and it includes sea freight, local customs clearance, and destination country delivery. Shipping goods also can be shipped at any time, however, its full shipping cost does not include taxes, and the sea shipping time is particularly long, usually more than a month, which is not suitable for urgent replenishment.

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Pros: It has cheaper express shipping costs and can enjoy the many benefits of Amazon FBA.

Cons: Generally, it needs to be booked into the Amazon FBA warehouse and the operation process is troublesome., and less time-efficient than express shipping.

What Are the Three Parts of FBA Shipping Fees?

  • Order processing fee, which is charged according to the number of orders.
  • Packing fee, which is charged according to the number of products.
  • Weight billing, it is first based on the length, width, and height of the product, divided into the appropriate size category. And then, according to the weight unit price corresponding to this size category, and then billed according to the specific weight.
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What are the considerations for sending express to Amazon FBA?

• Print the Barcode

Be sure to download the latest version of the pdf.

Amazon FBA barcode can not be blurred, the barcode can not be folded, if the faucet products have barcodes on the outer packaging, please use Amazon barcode to cover off the original barcode, the outer packaging of goods must have factory information, and please do not be covered by the barcode.

• Print Packing List

Print the packing list corresponding to the number of courier boxes, and put them in every delivery box.

If each item is shipped separately, do not open the original packaging, print the packing slip, and let the logistics company staff bring it over.

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• Apply FBA Shipping Label to Courier

Print the shipping labels corresponding to the number of courier boxes and stick them on the side of the boxes. The barcode cannot be worn out.

• Imported Goods Descriptions

Imported goods must have the Chinese name of the commodity, and Chinese dealer information, such as company name, address, and telephone number. Goods with shelf life must have shelf life information in Chinese, such as production date, shelf life, shelf life expiration date, etc. 

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And it is required that the remaining time of the shelf life is more than 2/3 of the total shelf life when entering the Amazon Warehouse.

Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements

The real weight of the FBA express single piece can not exceed 31/KG. Do not enter the Amazon warehouse of a single piece of express, the weight should be limited to 68KG, the length of one side more than 274cm, width x 2 + height x 2 + length equal to or not more than 325cm, Amazon warehouse outer box to paste two inbound barcodes.

How to Ship to the Amazon FBA Warehouse?

There are seven steps.

• Create A Transportation Plan

The first step in shipping products to the Amazon Warehouse is to develop a shipping plan.. What are the benefits of having a shipping plan for amazon sellers?

     1. This can help sellers determine the shipping method.

     2. This can help sellers determine the number of products to send.

     3. The type of products to be sent.

     4. Amazon seller handling product preparation. 

In the case of private label sellers, a listing needs to be created for the product before a shipping plan can be developed. To create a listing and shipping plan, follow these steps.

1. Log in to the seller’s back office.

2. Go to Inventory > Manage Inventory.

3. Click Add Product and enter the product information.

4. After the listing is completed, then click Manage Inventory, click Action in the Selected drop-down menu, and select Send/Replenish Inventory to create a shipping plan.

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5. After completing the above steps, you need to verify the shipping address.

6. After completing the address verification, you need to confirm the package type.

• Set the Number of Shipments

During the setup process, pay attention to the following warning notices sent by Amazon.

Recommended measures (Action Recommended): If Amazon detects that the seller’s product sales are slow, it will recommend that the seller remove this shipping plan.

Removal Required: If a seller receives this notification, it means that Amazon wants the seller to remove the shipping plan.

Information Required: If a seller’s product is missing important information, Amazon will send this notification.

Excess Inventory: Amazon has set a limit on the number of items that can be sent to the FBA warehouse. If the quantity is exceeded, Amazon refuses to receive it. The limit quantity depends specifically on the product type, size and weight.

Sellers need to comply with Amazon’s recommended product preparation requirements to quickly send faucet products to FBA. faucets that do not meet the requirements will be returned or rejected, or additional surcharges will be applied, and they cannot even be shipped to FBA in the future.

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• Prepare the Product

Sellers in this link, you need to take appropriate measures to ensure the safe delivery of faucet products to the FBA warehouse. So packaging materials are important, Amazon FBA also has relevant regulations on packaging materials, packaging that does not meet the regulations will be rejected. The following packaging materials can be used.

Duct tape foam packaging opaque bags


Polyethylene bags packing products, paying attention to the bar code to be affixed, can facilitate Amazon to identify and track the product. Sellers can visit Seller Central’s Prepare Products page to get information about the packaging of faucet products.

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• Product Labeling

Amazon uses a barcode system to track faucets sent to the warehouse, so sellers need to label their products with barcodes according to Amazon’s standards. The following labeling options are available.

Apply barcode through the FBA labeling service.

Add Amazon’s barcode to the product.

Use the product’s EAN or UPC barcode.


The barcode should meet the requirements of the FBA. Once the setup is complete, the seller can create the barcode and click Print. The barcode can be saved as a PDF and then printed. If there is already a manufacturer labeling the product, it will be even less work. Note that the manufacturer labeling must also meet the requirements of Amazon FBA.

• To Audit

Before confirming the shipment, the shipping plan needs to be reviewed again. Pay special attention to the warehouse code and shipping code, because the seller’s faucet may be shipped to a different FBA warehouse.

Amazon will provide the Chinese supplier with the shipping name, the name malicious changes. Note that any changes may affect the packing list. The seller can also see the MSKU (seller inventory) quantity, which is a unique product identifier that reflects the quantity shipped per MSKU.

After all, information is confirmed, the View Shipments page will appear. Browse through it again before submitting it. Then click Work on Shipment, and you can send the faucet to Amazon FBA.

• Prepare Shipment

Enter the Prepare Shipment page, then the Chinese supplier the shipping method and carrier, determine the number of boxes required, arrange to ship, and finally print the label. Certain modifications can be made, but if there are too many changes to be made, it is best to delete the plan and create it again.

Chinese suppliers can choose the following shipping options.

Full truckload shipping (FTL), freight forwarder direct delivery to the Amazon warehouse, non-stop.

Pallet shipping (LTL), each pallet weight of not less than 150 pounds, not more than 1500 pounds.

Small parcel delivery (Small parcel delivery), the product independent box, each box weight not more than 50 pounds.


After the shipment is completed, all the seller has to do is wait for the tap to be delivered to the warehouse. Amazon sellers can track the shipping on the Summary page, there are monitoring tools to help sellers track. After the faucet is shipped to FBA, the amazon seller can see the status of the receipt.

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I hope the above methods are useful, go and try these methods! Visit InFaucets to Learn more.


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