Warranty Information: Shower Faucet Parts

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Warranty Information: Shower Faucet Parts

The terrible lead precipitation in traditional type material faucets has seriously endangered the health of users, especially for children more than eight times more than adults, so the faucet material is essential, be sure to choose a material that will not have lead contamination.

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    For example, the SUS304 stainless steel used in faucet is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly and healthy material that is safe, rust-free, and non-toxic. To see the brand. Choose a faucet must choose a big brand, the quality of products of big brands is more reliable, someone defects in material and workmanship. They had a limited lifetime warranty service st. Many faucet companies had warranted to the original consumer purchaser owns. Commercial users’ workmanship under normal installation fullest extent permitted material and or workmanship under normal installation express or implied warranty lasts.

    The Accessories Warranty Period for Shower Faucets

    A faucet is a faucet that has a single accessory that makes up a finished dispensable faucet. So, what are the accessories of the faucet? Understanding them is equivalent to understanding the entire faucet, then in the purchase of natural can master the focus Oh! Shower faucets have an applicable warranty period for each accessory.

    Faucet valve

    The faucet spool is divided into the single-hole spool and dual-control spool, but whether dual-control or single-control, their maximum rotation angle of 90 degrees and open angle of about 20 degrees. The spool is the heart of the faucet, the general ceramic spool is the most durable, and the warranty period is generally the same as the main body, years from the date 1-year limited warranty or more. If you do not protect the faucet valve, it will incidental or consequential damages.


    Faucet accessories in the hose are used to enter and exit the water, faucet accessories hose 50 cm long is the most appropriate. In the purchase of a faucet hose need to pay attention to not buying aluminum wire tubes, the general stainless steel hose is the most practical.

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    But the best way to distinguish between the two is to hold tight with your hand and loosen your hand after the hose becomes black in aluminum wire, no change is the stainless steel. In the faucet accessories, the hose is also very important, metal hose general warranty of one year, and no quality problems within a year should be the warranty money to the manufacturer or supplier. If there is a quality problem, you can find the faucet company warranty claims. If you are an original consumer purchaser, this company can help with replacement parts. But many companies’ warranty excludes this.

    Filter element

    Mainly as a special tool for water purification, general faucets will be used, cartridge types are very diverse, replacement products are very diverse, the material also varies, and different uses have different types and materials.

    The warranty period depends on what cartridge, generally, PP cotton applicable period is 3-6 months, activated carbon is generally 8-12 months, ultrafiltration membrane is 12-24, RO membrane 12-24 months, ceramic filter maximum extent 12-22 months.


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    M8 single-control horseshoe pad, M6 double-hole horseshoe pad, M6 double-hole enlarged pull-out horseshoe pad.

    The horseshoe piece is generally not damaged, and the use period typically reaches more than 10 years. It will have reasonable wear.


    If you buy shower faucet parts that have some problems, you can find the purchase original sales receipt or date of purchase to warranty claims. Many companies require other customers to prove defective in material, which they can replace free of charge. You can ask a professional plumber to help if your plumbing is leaking. 

    But it will be labor charges incurred. Maybe incorrectly performed installation caused this problem, but applicable installation and applicable care can protect your products. If it is a problem with quality, customers will get free from defects. It has exclusive remedies.

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