Top 7 Faucet Manufacturers in China


List of 7 Faucet Manufacturers in China

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    Many faucet manufacturers have spent decades producing innovative, quality faucets in a wide range of styles to improve the aesthetic of any kitchen or bathroom. Sourcing bathroom fixtures and accessories from a China manufacturing plant is an excellent way to acquire quality products at competitive prices.

    faucet manufacturers in China

    If you’re trying to find the best faucet manufacturing factory in China, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve curated a list of the best faucet manufacturers based on various customer needs. Before delving down on the list of manufacturing companies, you should opt for, let’s first look at how you can determine which manufacturing firm is best for your needs.

    · Determining the Best Faucet Manufacturers for your Needs

    Most consumers understand that you can’t just pick any faucet factory randomly, lest you get nipped in the butt. You need to consider several factors when searching for the best sanitary ware manufacturing plant. The best choices have established excellent reputations when it comes to quality faucets, selection, and warranty.

    These faucet manufacturers have the best kitchen and bathroom solutions that will improve the appearance of your bathroom design. Almost all the listed faucet manufacturers produce top-notch quality products; therefore, there would be little to no difference. Additionally, other faucet manufacturers emphasize technology and designs.

    These are for those customers who value style and design more than technology. Let’s now look at these factors:

    1. Reliability of Faucet Manufacturers

    Faucet manufacturers in China who have been in the plumbing industry for a long time have a stronger reputation when it comes to reliability than a factory that’s starting it out. However, you must investigate each company’s popular products before making the final decision. When you have issues like leaks with kitchen products you’ve purchased from a particular seller, you’ll need a company that responds better to your grievances and queries.

    2. Affordability of Bathroom Faucets

    Quality faucets can be quite expensive, but it’s precisely what your washroom area needs to complement other high-end accessories like bathroom cabinets. In any case, there are excellent manufacturing companies in China that offer their sanitary ware fixtures at affordable prices while still maintaining their quality. It’s imperative you set up a budget before searching for a company.

    · Do Tap Manufacturers Offer Warranty?

    Most kitchen faucets manufacturing companies in China offer a lifetime warranty for all their plumbing fittings. It’s, however, prudent to check out the warranty details, including what the company will cover.

    · What Types of Finishes Do Sanitary Ware Manufacturing Companies Offer?

    Customers who value the unique nature of a faucet will always consider the kind of finishes a faucet factory produces. An excellent option is a sanitary ware manufacturer that provides a wide range of finishing for your bathroom or kitchen faucet. Popular brands offer various finishing options like chrome, brass, stainless, and bronze. Other brands can provide up to 33 finishing options, among which you can choose one that stands out from the rest.

    · 7 Best Faucet Manufacturers in China

    If you’re to get value for money when it comes to sanitary ware and quality fittings, then the listed companies in China are your go-to. Most of them have been in the plumbing industry for a while now and have a pretty good idea of consumer requirements and quality products. Without further ado, let’s take a peek at some of the best bathroom and kitchen faucet manufacturers in China.

    · InFaucets Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd

    Situated in Taizhou City, in Zhejiang Province, China, InFaucets manufacturers have been committed to product development and production ever since the InFaucets brand was established in 1996. It uses technical production processes, global production standards, and dire technology patents, enabling the company to improve the quality of life through its products and services.

    The kitchen faucet manufacturer prides itself in advocating for an environmentally friendly production process. It emphasizes saving on resources, details as well as environmental protection.

    Key Product Items

    • Custom Faucet Service (Faucet design, faucet parts design, packaging design)
    • Sanitary products and services (kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, basin faucets, faucet spare parts, and so on).

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    · HUIDA Bathroom Fittings Manufacturers

    Since its inception almost 40 decades ago in 1982, HUIDA company has stood by the mantra of creativity, life, and taste, such that it stood out as the best sanitary ware brand in China. It initially started producing China’s sanitary ceramics, then progressed to other items relative to bathroom hardware and furniture. It didn’t stop there; the firm produced intelligent bathroom accessories, bathtubs, showers, and tiles. The company expanded and has more than 1800 outlets in different towns in China.

    faucet manufacturers in China-high-body-basin-faucet

    Many customers worldwide use HUIDA products, which has made the company strive even harder to produce environmentally friendly products that are functional and stylish. Its products brought a sense of high-quality life enjoyment. Moreover, the company believes in perseverance and doing one particular thing just right to improve quality.

    Key Products

    HUIDA enterprise has an R&D team, plus a production line. It tried to incorporate three strategies into its production: integration, ecology, and intelligence. Some of its key products include;

    • Bathroom accessories
    • Toilets, Smart toilets, Bidets, Squatting pans, Urinals
    • Bath showrooms
    • Faucets and mixers
    • Bathroom cabinets
    • Kitchen sinks
    • Tiles
    • Kitchen faucets

    · Wave Whale SSWW

    Foshan Royalking Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd was established in 1994, producing sanitary ware for consumers. Its brand SSWW short form for Splendid Sanitary Ware World, is known for its research, production, and development of washroom ceramics and leisure bathroom hardware. Additionally, it has six different styles of products.

    The company has become a household name in both local and overseas markets. It has two production bases, with thousands of employees plus showrooms that showcase its products.

    Key Products

    SSWW company has more than 1400 employees with a 10% export rate. Its annual revenue is roughly 165 million USD. Some of its products include;

    • Bathtubs
    • Kitchen faucets and shower taps
    • Sauna rooms
    • Steam cabins
    • Ceramics
    • Bathroom products- hardware and cabinets
    • Showrooms plus enclosures
    faucet manufacturers in China-matte-black-basin-faucet

    · Wrigley ARROW Sanitary Ware

    ARROW Sanitary Ware was founded in 1994 and established by Lehua Ceramic Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd, which is situated in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. The faucet factory is highly influential, with high-rise buildings located in an area known for producing bathroom products.

    faucet manufacturers in China-premium-bathroom-faucet

    Its mantra is always following all quality policies on different bathroom and kitchen faucet designs, proficient workflow, and customer satisfaction that meet international standards. Moreover, the faucet factory uses advanced manufacturing technology to create new products for customers. It has created comfortable, environmentally friendly products, making it the number one sanitary-producing factory in China.

    Key Products

    ARROW company is quite known for its smart toilets, but there are other products they produce, including;

    • Wrigley ARROW bathroom fittings-acrylic bathtubs, shower rooms, bathroom hardware, steam rooms, PVC bathroom vanities and cabinets, all-copper chrome-plated faucets, and showroom enclosures
    • Ceramic tiles, glazed interior wall tiles, and porcelain decorative glazed tiles
    • Custom home furnishing (kitchen faucets)

    · FaucetU Bathroom Fittings Manufacturers

    Faucetu Co. Ltd was established in 1996 alongside other faucet factories like China Appollo faucet manufacturers. It’s based in Zhejiang Province, China, and has made a name for itself globally by producing the best bathroom products and fittings. The factory produces and sell faucets and other fixtures to international and domestic markets.

    Moreover, it has continued to bring essence back to the bathroom and kitchen areas. Its products are user-friendly and add some texture to it. The products come in various styles, and consumers can easily upgrade them swiftly. This allows its customers have an affordable shopping experience.

    Faucet Manufacturer in China

    Key Products

    Faucetu Manufacturers have garnered a lot of consumers with good quality products at affordable prices with a perfect service management system. It mostly produces the following products;

    • Bathroom and kitchen faucets
    • Hardware accessories and furniture
    • Shower taps
    • Angle valves

    · Guangdong HUAYI Sanitary Ware Industrial Co. Ltd

    HUAYI manufacturers are plumbing and bathroom fitting producers established in 1991. Its factory is located in Shuikou Town, in Kaiping City, situated in Guangdong Province, China. Over the years, HUAYI company has scaled up into a progressive, large-scale enterprise.

    It has incorporated various production strategies in its product line, including; the finished product production process, mold manufacturing, integration of R and D designs, as well as marketing. Situated in Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, an area well known for China’s Sanitary and Plumbing industry has enabled the faucet factory to specialize in particular bathroom fittings. This has led the company to become a household brand as it integrates large-scale production of bathroom fittings.

    HUAYI brand understands that bathroom, and kitchen faucets should be functional and add aesthetic appeal to any room design. Moreover, the faucets should uphold healthy living; therefore, it has ensured that its products allow for a quality water experience.

    Key Products

    • Bathroom door hardware
    • Stainless steel sinks
    • Bathroom furniture
    • Ceramic bathroom fittings
    • Bathroom and kitchen faucets

    · Dongpeng Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd

    Foshen Dongpeng faucet factory is situated in Shuikou Town and is a popular brand for overseas Chinese who love their kitchen faucets and sanitary fittings. The company produces high-end thermostatic faucets integrating design, sales, research, and development in production and service. This has made it scale up pretty fast with over 200 sales branches across the region.

    Dongpeng faucet brand has continuously made a mark with quality kitchen faucet designs and styles. This has made its consumers more receptive to the product and service locally and abroad. The company exports its products to Southeast Asia, South America, Oceania, and Europe, with their products being thickened with gold-plated stainless steel that’s waterproof and heat-resistant. The faucet factory not only produces kitchen faucets but also has other sanitary fittings. The product categories include; ceramics, sanitary furniture, sanitary hardware, faucet hardware, and leisure sanitary fittings.

    Key Product Items

    • Smart toilets
    • Advanced heated toilet seats
    • Ceramic basins
    • Bathtub faucets
    • Shower room faucets
    • Sanitary accessories and products
    • Basin faucets
    • Kitchen faucets
    top 7 faucet manufacturers in China-unique bathroom faucet

    · Other Popular Thermostatic Faucets Manufacturing Companies in the World

    Other kitchen faucet manufacturers in China are doing exceptionally well and making a mark both on a local and international level. They include;

    · Kohler Co. Ltd

    top 7 faucet manufacturers in China-great basin faucet

    Since its inception in 1873, Kohler kitchen faucet manufacturer has specialized in producing sanitary and kitchen fittings. It’s a family-owned company and has its main headquarters in Wisconsin. After a progressive period on the market, it opened another base in Hong Kong, China, in 1995. This decision was made after a lot of demand came from China. It was far much easier to make a kitchen faucet factory in China than import faucets, which was on the expensive side price-wise. Kohler has 10 branches all over the world with over 100 exhibitions. Its products have been used in five-star hotels and other luxury buildings.

    • Key Product Items

    The faucet factory produces various sanitary and kitchen faucet products. They come in a wide range of sets and styles to fit different designs. They include;

    • Kitchen products- (shelves, cabinetry, sinks, and faucets)
    • Sanitary products-porcelain items and fixtures (shower faucets, basin sinks, bathtubs
    • Tile and stones
    • Home decorative products

    · TOTO Faucet Manufacturer

    Previously known as Toki Toki Co. Ltd, the TOTO faucet factory is among China’s best sanitary and kitchen fixture producers. It initially started as a sanitary ceramics company in 1912 during its establishment but later progressed to other durable bath fitting products. Its headquarters, based in China, was established in 1995.

    China is TOTO’s main production base, with other faucet factories established in different cities.

    Key Product Items

    The firm is known for its durable washlet and smart toilet. Other products include:

    • Toilets
    • Lavatories
    • Sanitary fittings and fixtures- (cabinetry, bowl sinks, shower faucets, hardware)
    • Kitchen Faucets
    • Bathtubs
    top 7 faucet manufacturers in China-chrome basin faucet

    The firm has continued to make profits and become a reputable household name in the faucets industry, going by its annual revenue. The firm has also made exportation easy with a streamlined process with multiple payment options.

    Key Product Items

    The following are some of the products the firm produces;

    • Ceramic stone and tiles
    • Showers and shower rooms
    • Bathtubs
    • Restroom hardware and faucets
    • Custom Sanitary Accessories
    • Restroom Hardware
    • Basin sinks

    · Faenza Faucet Manufacturer

    Founded in 1999, the Faenza faucet firm has strived to blend art and improve home living. The firm focuses on providing elegant and luxurious products and is seen by how the firm pays attention to detail during the production process. It has 10 production factories based in China and has become a known artistic brand.

    Faenza firm exports its products to over 60 countries around the globe. Its products are in the rage, with excellent quality and design options. The best part about its product and service is that its wholesale and retail prices are in a competitive range compared to other market prices.

    top 7 faucet manufacturers in China-bathtub

    The firm has continued to make profits and become a reputable household name in the faucets industry, going by its annual revenue. The firm has also made exportation easy with a streamlined process with multiple payment options.

    Key Product Items

    The following are some of the products the firm produces;

    • Ceramic stone and tiles
    • Showers and shower rooms
    • Bathtubs
    • Restroom hardware and faucets
    • Custom Sanitary Accessories
    • Restroom Hardware
    • Basin sinks

    · Take Away!

    The kind of manufacturer you settle on to buy faucets and other kitchen or washroom fitting will influence the overall usage capacity. Its therefore imperative you rank the best brands in the market in terms of;

    • Customer ratings
    • Handle option availability
    • Warranty
    • Different designs available
    • BBB rating

    This pointer will help you find the best and most reliable faucet manufacturing firm in China you can partner with on your project. Such companies have been in the industry for a long time and will only use top-notch production processes to attain high-quality faucets and other fixtures.


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