How About Handheld Shower Head Filters Help with Hard Water?

About Handheld Shower Head Filters Help with Hard Water

If you live in areas experiencing hard water, you understand its nuisance and expenses. Generally, it damages your skin and hair—from a less pliable hair, drier skin, and constantly rinsing out clothes to remove soap, making there color fade away too quickly. Over time, depending on the hardness level, it can build up calcium, which in turn lowers your water pressure.

Good news! You can treat your hard water using a water softener. A filtration system that removes mineral content in your water. Are there other alternatives you can use for showers?

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Absolutely! Handheld shower head filters can easily remove Chlorine and chloramines to remove impurities and contaminants from water. In this article, we explain how the handheld shower head filter operates, plus the best shower filters on the market.

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    What Is a Handheld Shower Head Filter?

    A shower head filter is a filtration system that’s installed in the shower to ensure water sprouting off your shower is treated to remove chlorine and impurity contents. While showering, warm water usually has a pore-opening effect that allows the body to absorb water, mineral contents, and other contaminants. 

    Therefore, installing shower water filters is important as they remove chemicals that can irritate your skin and damage the hair.

    What's Getting Filtered?

    The main purpose of a shower water filter is Chloramines and Chlorine removal from showering water. Chlorine and Chloramines are damaging chemicals seeping through the hair and skin fibers. Most homeowners filter their drinking water using water softener but fail to do so with their showering water.

    But, with a water softener shower head, you can easily remove these skin-damaging chemicals. How does the shower water filter work? Let’s find out!

    How Does Handheld Shower Filters Works?

    Shower head filters usually have a filtration system like the Kinetic Degradation Fluxion that reduces Chlorine from water. The standard filtrating system has granular zinc alloys that exchange with harmful chemicals in the water. This conversion process turns Chlorine and other harmful minerals into harmless minerals.

    You can see that the KDF process turns Chlorine into Chlorine ions that are safe for personal use. Now, let’s look at some benefits you’ll enjoy when installing the shower water filter.

    What Are the Benefits of a Shower Filter?

    Generally, beauty care routines start in the shower, as we’re most exposed to tap water on there. It’s therefore essential to install the best shower filter that’ll protect your skin and hair from metals, minerals, and Chlorine. Here’s what a shower water filter will do for you;

    handheld shower head filters-handheld shower head
    • Address Chlorine Smells

    • Improves your skincare routines. Since it removes Chlorine that can potentially cause skin dryness, you’ll always have hydrated skin, less red and sensitive.

    • It also limits hair damage, ensuring you have a balance when it comes to shine and moisture.

    With such benefits, there’s no reason not to add a shower filter to your existing shower head or get inbuilt ones. Let’s look at some of your top picks on the market.

    The 3 Best Shower Filters to Save Your Skin and Hair from Hard Water

    Now that you know a thing or two about shower filters, let’s delve into some of the best ones—whether inbuilt or those you can add to your existing shower water head.

    AquaBliss SF500 HD Multi-Stage Shower Filter

    This inbuilt filtered shower head is a fan favorite with a 12-stage filtration process, including redox media and chemically convert contaminants. It’s an excellent showerhead filter option if you want Chlorine and other sediments removed from the water to improve your shower experience. AquaBliss SF500 is compatible with various shower water heads, including handheld showers, fixed and rain shower heads.

    The installation process is super easy, with no tools required. It’s definitely one for the books when trying to keep off dry skin.

    Hydroviv Shower Filter for Hard Water

    Another filtered showerhead to keep an eye out for is the Hydroviv showerhead filter. It has coconut shell-activated carbon that reduces Chlorine and fluoride from your water, ensuring you don’t have itchy, dry skin after showering. It’s an in-line water filter easily installed between the shower arm and the pipe delivering water.

    Hydroviv water filter comes with an adapter so you can easily attach it to your showerhead.

    Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Filter for Hard Water (Best Overall)

    While the brand offers various shower water filters, including the standard shower head and handheld shower filters, but the AQ-4100 Deluxe shower filter is the best in what it does. If you’re trying to have better hair and skin health, then the Aquasana AQ 4100 Deluxe will help.

    It uses multi-stage filtration backed with KDF-55 and coconut shell carbon to eliminate Chlorine. Its KDF-55 filtration system uses zinc alloys to change Chlorine and heavy metals to neutral elements that are harmless to the skin and hair.

    The best part about it is that it comes with a one-year warranty ensuring customer satisfaction. Installation is easy, as you’ll only need a plumber’s tape.

    What is the best style shower filter for my home?

    handheld shower head filters-filter cartridges

    Depending on the needs of your household, you can easily pick a particular luxury filtered showerhead for a wholesome experience. Here are various showerhead filters that best meet your household style.

    Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head (Best If You Have a Whole House System)

    If you have a whole-house filter system, then the Culligan WSH-C125 is the best one to go for. It’s a handheld filtered shower head spray that has standard NSF 177 certification. The WSH-C125 shower filter has proven to remove chloramines plus Sulphur odor together with the scale from water to limit dry skin and improve hair care. Moreover, the filtered showerhead comes with five spray settings to give users various massage options.

    The magnetic dock option also allows users to have an easy time to switch from handheld to overhead.

    Hydroviv Shower Filter (Best Inline)

    If you’re trying to find a water filter for your showerhead, then the Hydroviv brand is the best in-line showerhead filter to opt for. It’s designed to filter out some of the toughest hard water, making you have dry skin and damaged hair. The best part about it is that it doesn’t reduce water pressure, ensuring a wholesome experience.

    Brondell VivaSpring Filtered Shower Head (Best for Wide Spray)

    The best showerhead filter when it comes to wide spray is the Brondell VivaSpring luxury filtered showerhead. It’ll reduce Chlorine and other heavy metals from water for great skin and hair health. The showerhead filter has 100% purity KDF filtration materials that ensure this.

    Certified with standard NSF 177, the Brondell VivaSpring luxury filtered shower head will ensure you enjoy your showering process. Far from that, the installation is easy, with no need for tools.

    AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter for Hard Water (Best Low Priced Inline)

    If you’re trying to find a showerhead filter for your existing showerhead but have a budget constraint, then the AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing water filter is the best option. It uses proprietary multi-stage sedimentary filters, redox media, activated carbon filters, sand filters, and calcium sulfite to deliver efficient water filtration. These multiple stages ensure the neutrality of odors, balance water PH levels, and add essential minerals into the water.

    The AquaBliss has a shower filter cartridge option that lasts a couple of months. The good thing is that its replacement filters come cheap. So, you can easily have the AquaBliss easy swap replacement filters that last long. The installation process is also a breeze; no tool is needed.

    Vitamin C Filter In-line Shower Head for Hard Water (Best for Added Vitamin C)

    If you’re trying to neutralize the effects of minerals on your shower water, then going for a Vitamin C-filtered shower head is the best option. More importantly, you’ll need to find a vitamin C inline shower filter to add to your showerhead. The showerhead filter has extra features that ensure you reduce Chlorine completely to improve your water quality.

    It has a brass and resin inline filter design with a chrome finish and a see-through three-stage filtration process. Vitamin C is usually added to water to neutralize Chlorine and chloramines’ effects.

    Now that you have a clue of the showerhead filters to look out for let’s explore the factors you’d consider when trying to buy one.

    Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Buying a Shower Filter for Hard Water

    Whether you’re trying to find a luxury filtered showerhead or just a budget-friendly showerhead filter, it’s always essential to consider a few factors before buying. Here are some of them.

    Contaminants in your Water

    Shower filters are useless if they don’t remove the specific mineral content in your water supply. Before going into a frenzy and buying any luxury filtered showerhead, ensure you conduct a professional test for your water. When you know the kind of impurities your water has, you can get a luxury filtered showerhead targeting those impurities.

    Budget and Value

    Most luxury filtered shower heads don’t come cheap. They’ll however get the job done. Ensure you go for one that meets your needs but comes at affordable prices.

    Showerhead Size and Inline Filters

    The size of the shower head and in-line filters is another factor you need to consider before buying. Don’t assume you know the size; measure well and get the size so that you’re able to get the right fit.

    Filter Life and Usage

    Different brands have different filter cartridge lifespan. Some last longer, providing exceptional services than others. Compare the different brands, and pick a luxury filtered showerhead that can last very long. They should also come with an easy swap replacement filter.

    Your Preferred Shower Type

    The shower filter should be compatible with your shower type. This is particularly true if you install a shower filter on your shower head. Make sure the filter doesn’t affect your existing water pressure. Moreover, inspect the plumbing connections to see if the extra equipment and attachment will go hand in hand with it.

    Improve your Water Quality with Filtered Shower Heads

    handheld shower head filters-shower arms

    If you’re trying to have a better skin and hair health, then it’s paramount you consider adding a water filter to your showerhead to remove mineral contents from water that’ll limit this. These minerals can damage your hair, leaving you with itchy and dry skin.

    A shower filter can relieve all this stress. Make sure you consider the above buying guide so that you’re in a better position to get the right fit. It’ll improve your shopping experience drastically. 


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