How to Use Universal Splash Filter Faucet?

Easy to Use Universal Splash Filter Faucet?

Generally, universal splash filter faucet is becoming popular due to their amazing aesthetic and functionality. The universal splash filter faucet introduces oxygen into water, making it oxygen-rich. Adding oxygen-enriched foam will form larger streams of water, which is gentle on the skin and is non-splashing.

Another good thing about the universal splash filter faucet is that they’re made from sturdy copper material, ensuring longevity. Moreover, it comes with double O-ring valves that limit leaks. However, most homeowners find themselves in a pickle when it comes to using it.

This article explains everything about universal splash filter faucets – from what they are, their types, and how to use them in kitchen/bathroom. Keep reading!

universal splash filter faucet
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    What Exactly is Universal Splash Filter Faucet

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    Simply add a splash filter faucet to your normal faucet to ensure more maneuverability. The universal splash filter faucet makes washing items and taking a drink easy. But far from that, it’ll allow you to have a different splash proof water mode.

    Installing the universal splash filter faucet is an inexpensive way of upgrading your existing faucet to a class-act high-pressure faucet. The splash filter faucet will also act as a water filter. It prevents contaminants and impurities from your tap water.

    You easily have a min-water filtration system for a specific faucet used for drinking. The best part about this customization is that it’ll meet varied needs- If you wish to have a water filtration system, or enjoy extended water for maximum personal use, then the universal splash filter faucet was made for you.

    Universal splash filter faucet is also known as faucet extender, faucet sprayers, or swivels. They’re all the same product but come with different features to choose from. There are so many different designs, but generally, they consist of a filter and a rotating head.

    They also come with user-friendly designs to provide different accessibility to children and people with disability. Now that you know a thing or two, let’s delve into the types of splash filter faucets.

    Universal Splash Filter Faucets Types

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    The universal splash filter faucet comes with two types of water outlet rotary switches. They include; splash-proof water and oxygen-enriched foam. The universal splash filter faucet is able to eliminate impurities from water with a four-layer net filter plus a double gasket.

    These double gaskets also ensure that there are no cases of dripping. Moreover, the water outlet rotary switches can be easily rotated to help you clean your face.

    Are there any filter options for your universal splash filter faucet? Let’s find out!

    What is the Function of a Universal Splash Filter Faucet

    The sole purpose of splash filter faucet is to remove impurities from water plus avoid splashing water everywhere.

    Filter Options

    While choosing a filter, getting one that meets your needs is important. On each packaging, there’s usually a certification indicating each item’s removal. It’ll guide you to the right universal splash filter faucet.

    Before setting on a particular splash filter faucet, you need to consider your budget, maintenance, consumption, flow rate, contaminant removal, and contaminants in your water.

    Installation Process

    Most universal splash filter faucets, if not all, are designed to be interfaced and applicable to all faucets. Therefore, its installation process is super quick and easy. For the most part, what you’ll do during the installation process is unscrewing the aerator from the threaded tip of your faucet.

    You’ll then screw the filter. The universal splash filter faucet 720 will allow you to choose between filtered and unfiltered water. The only drawback to splash filter faucet 720 is that it may slow down the water flow rate. It can also not fit your faucet; therefore, imperative you conduct extensive research to get the best product. Most four-layer net filters must be routinely replaced to work efficiently.

    Is the Universal Splash Filter Faucet 720 Worth It

    If you’re not ready to upgrade your current faucet, then installing the universal splash filter faucet 720 would be a good idea. It’s a great convenient addition to your household. It’ll do so much in terms of rotating the water outlet, enabling a smooth experience when washing your face and gargling, allowing a mess-free washing experience as you rotate the splash filter faucet into a full circle. Here are some other features of the product.

    • It has water outlet rotary switches that come with two different water outlet modes for a variety of needs. The two water outlet modes allow users to choose between splashproof water mode, suitable for hand washing, face washing, and dishwashing, among other things, and strong flush mode, suitable for washing items.

    • Ensures safety, as the product uses a four-layer net filter to remove hard particles and impurities from your tap water.

    • The splash filter faucet 720 has user-friendly designs. So, you can incorporate it in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area and use it in the restaurant and other commercial areas.

    • It’s easy to use, and you’ll be able to save and conserve water.

    • With its safe and user-friendly design, the splash filter faucet 720 is made from sturdy copper materials. Moreover, it has double O ring valves that ensure no leaks, plus filter out the output. Additionally, the double O ring valves ensure it allows oxygen to mix with the water stream to produce a larger and whiter stream.

    • The installation process is easy, as the splash filter faucet 720 comes with a brass adapter that easily fits most taps. All you need to do is remove the current faucet attachment by replacing it with a universal splash filter faucet.

    • Most splash filter faucets are designed with practicality and a sleek appearance to complement any modern home. There are also various design options for the handle and faucet body.

    How Does Universal Splash Filter Faucet 720 Work?

    The faucet extender aerator works by attaching it to your current faucet. They’re universal, meaning you can attach them to any current faucet, including the bathroom and kitchen sink. It can adjust to multiple sizes and has filters for different types of faucets – whether for female or male threads.

    splash proof water mode jpg

    You’ll be able also to adjust your two-water outlet splash filter faucet to fit the size of the faucet spout. The filter usually introduces oxygen and runs water through different filter layers to remove impurities.

    You can then adjust the spray head in the direction you prefer.

    The Top Universal Splash Filter Faucet 720 to Go for in 2023 - Our Top Picks

    Now, explore some of our favorite universal splash filter faucet units with two water outlets and see which one fits you.

    Universal Splash Filter Faucet 720-Degree Rotatable Faucets Sprayer-Head-Kitchen Faucet Aerator, Used for Face Washing, Mouth-washing And Eye-washing

    This is a game changer as far as the splash filter faucet is concerned. It is a 720-degree rotation that allows you to rotate in your desired direction, ensuring convenience. It has two water outlet modes: an oxygen-enriched foam steam mode that produces a soft touch and a non-splashing water stream.

    The second water outlet is the strong sprayer shower mode, best for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. It comes with double O-ring valves that prevent dripping on your kitchen sink.


    • Saves time. It allows you to take less time cleaning every morning.

    • Compatible with most faucets.

    • Made from sturdy copper for extra durability.


    • Slow water flow.

    KaiHX Universal Splash Filter Faucets with Adapter, 720 Rotating Faucet Sprayer with Two Water Outlet Modes

    The KaiHX universal splash filter faucets are made of copper and ABS plastic for extra durability. It comes with a four-layer net filter to ensure water comes out clean. Moreover, it comes with double gaskets that prevent dripping. The KaiHX splash filter faucet has two kinds of water outlet modes, including the splashproof water mode and the spray water mode.


    • It comes with a leakproof design.

    • Has two water outlet modes.

    • It can rotate up to 720 degrees.


    • It has a low water stream.

    • Quite loose.

    • It won’t come apart.

    2Pcs 720 degrees Swivel-Sink; Water LED Faucet with Universal Light-Up Faucet Adapter and Huge Flowing Faucet Head Attachment

    You can now clean your face and hand with this adapter that allows users to turn up to 720 degrees. The unique faucet extender can fit on most faucets. It’s made from sturdy copper and has an ABS body. This adapter works as a high-pressure faucet aerator, ensuring a water flow rate of 1.8 GPM. Another unique thing about this faucet extender is that it allows water to change color based on its temperature.


    • It has an LED color indication

    • Comes with two adapters on the package

    • Gives off the high water pressure


    • It has one water outlet mode

    • Slow water flow rate

    Get a Universal Splash Filter Faucet with water outlet rotary switches to Enrich your Experience

    Adding a splash filter faucet 720 will enhance your living. You will be able to conserve water and also enrich the quality of water. Moreover, the faucet extender allows you to have a smooth washing experience.

    The installation process is super easy, making it an ideal investment piece. It can easily be mounted on the faucets.            


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