Wholesale Kitchen Faucet: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Wholesale Kitchen Faucet Manufacturer

Many kitchen faucet brands produce a range of sanitary wares and fixtures. But not all of them will produce quality faucets at affordable prices. It can become quite daunting to find a manufacturer that provides products that meet your expectation, especially if you’re trying to buy products for resell at wholesale prices. Therefore, before buying faucet products, you must consider certain aspects that’ll help you identify the best kitchen faucet brands to partner with.

However, we’ve simplified things for you as this article highlights the top five kitchen faucet brands to watch in 2023. Take a peek at the creme-de la-creme brands that provide wholesale products.

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    5 Top Brands for Wholesale Kitchen Faucets

    Various studies have been conducted where consumers survey their perceptions of wholesale faucet products and their experiences with faucet brands. Here are a few insights on what brands consumers trust.


    Infaucets Manufactures has become a powerhouse for producing quality bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, and other sanitary ware in China. It has innovative designs that complement the decor of the area you’re trying to spruce up. Infaucets provides a range of bathroom and bathtub faucets, with all OEM and ODM acceptable, and come at the most affordable prices.

    Despite the low prices, Infaucets has produced durable and quality products. Moreover, Infaucets has excellent customer service, with tonnes of consultation and collaborative gestures that would make you as a customer get what you need on the market. These services have ensured Infaucets has a great relationship with its customers based on trust and respect.

    Infaucets’ knowledge garnered over the years puts them in a great position to advise customers when they have queries and direct them toward the right kitchen faucets regarding designs, most affordable prices, and material selection.

    Key Products:

    • Kitchen faucets

    • Bathroom faucets

    • Bath mixers

    • Shower heads

    • Bathroom accessories

    Infaucets Hot Sale—P-8055 Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets

    This piece is artistically curated to complement any decor for your home improvement. It’s a small piece but significantly changes your kitchen area’s appearance. Let’s look at some of its distinguishing features:

    • All Infaucets products are OEM or ODM acceptable

    • Elegant designs: The pull-out kitchen faucet is elegant to complement the kitchen area.

    • Solid construction: This pull-out kitchen is made from sturdy materials that would last a long time—brass/stainless steel/zinc. For cartridge materials, they come in ceramic cartridges and brass cartridges.

    • Various finish options available: You can easily get this faucet in your desired finish as it comes in various finishes, including gunmetal, brushed rose gold, brushed gold, chrome, matte black, and brushed nickel.

    • After-sale service: Infaucets offer three-month warehouse storage services for all its customers, whether you’ve bought their products in small or large quantities.

    • 100% inspection certified: After production, Infaucets ensures that all products have been inspected and certified to meet customer requirements. The advanced and complete tests consist of; water testing, air testing, laser typing, and NSS testing.


    As a leading supplier and manufacturer of bathroom sinks and kitchen faucets, Kohler offers a wide range of stylish designs and finishes. Founded in 1873 in the United States in America, Kohler has streamlined its positions to “hall of fame” in the sanitary ware industry. Kohler craves a fantastic assortment of bathroom faucets and other products.

    With years of supply and manufacturing experience, it has inferred tonnes of knowledge in this field. Therefore, a reliable wholesale partner for both homeowners and commercial businesses. Consumers have only good things to say about the brand. Moreover, Kohler offers world-class plumbing services and other mounted bathroom accessories.

    Key Products:

    • Faucet

    • Kitchen sink

    • Medicine cabinet

    • Vanity

    • Bathroom mirror

    Kohler Hot Sale—596-VS Simplice Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

    The Kohler pull-down kitchen faucets are widespread in many kitchen spaces. Here are some of its key features:

    • 3 functional spray head tap: It has a touch control to switch to different spray settings.

    • High Arch: Kohler Simplice has a higher arch that ensures simplicity when filling pots

    • Installation: It comes with supply lines to make the installation process easy

    • Attractive Design: Brings elegance into your kitchen area.


    Another brand that offers quality products and reliable performance is Moen. Founded in 1956 in Ohio, United States, it has quickly scaled the ranks to become the most-liked brand to customers. This is a no-brainer, as Moen offers the best bathroom and kitchen faucets. Moen has made its mark as a world-class in providing high-quality kitchen faucets, so it has developed a good reputation as the top brand in the United States.

    Additionally, Moen’s prices are on the higher end and are more than what meets the eye. Its products are well-made, long-lasting, and attractively designed. Despite the high prices, Moen offers another competitive advantage. It provides its customers with a lifetime warranty, which is a bit cheaper when you look at it in the long run. The warranty will cover faucet repairs and replacement parts.

    Key Products:

    • Kitchen faucets

    • bathroom faucets

    • Filter faucets

    • Cartridges

    • Kitchen Sinks

    Moen Hot Sale—Arbor Spot Resist Stainless Steel One-Handle Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

    The Moen Arbor offers spotless stainless steel, which resists stains and fingerprints. Let’s look at some of its features:

    • Boosted streams: Moen offers boosted stream technology that ensures a faster fill with just a button push.

    • Reflex systems: It comes with a retractable system for reflex, ensuring smooth operations, secure clocking of the spray head, and easy operation.

    • Elegant design: With superior attractive designs, Moen Arbor can easily spruce up your kitchen, no matter the decor.

    American Standard

    Founded 1875 in the United States, American Standard is a good brand to put your money to great use. It provides long-lasting and durable American Standard products. The transitional array of styles and finishes American Standard offers is one of its selling points. Moreover, American Standard gives an opportunity to customers to mix and match products to ensure they get a customized bathroom.

    Key products:

    • Bathroom sink faucets

    • Showers and enclosures

    • Kitchen faucets

    • Toilet faucets

    The company has been in operation for a long time. Therefore, it has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience on scaling higher and continuing in the game in all plumbing faucets. Moreover, American Standard has incorporated technology to entice their present customers.

    American Standard Hot Sale—7421300.075 Raviv Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

    This is another kitchen faucet to keep your eyes out for. Its key features include:

    • Smooth retraction: It comes with a Re Trax unit that ensures the faucet has a smooth extension, docking, and retractions.

    • Quality ceramic disc: It makes sure that the faucet is drip-free.

    • Kitchen plus: Comes with other add-ons that complete your sink, from soap dispenser and pulldown faucet to the deck plate.

    • Warranty: American Standard prides itself on providing lifetime warranty to its customers, ensuring dependable performance.

    • Easy installation: The faucet is used in single-hole, two- and three-hole sinks and countertops with deck plates.


    With its headquarters in Switzerland, KWC is well known for producing and supplying durable kitchen faucets. It has made its mark on the market by producing kitchen faucets that are approachable, straightforward, and streamlined designs. The chrome plated finish in most of their kitchen faucets has made them appealing to customers.

    Moreover, as a manufacturing brand, KWC produces durable kitchen faucets with interchangeable spray heads made from solid stainless steel. Another factor that makes KWC is its lifetime warranty service. Customers who purchase products from them are covered in the event of any plumbing issues. KWC has garnered a solid reputation in its 140 years of producing and supplying kitchen faucets. It also exports its faucet products to European, Asian, and American nations.

    Key Products:

    • Shower heads

    • Kitchen faucets

    • Bathroom faucets

    • Thermostats

    KWC Hot Sale—AVA Single-Lever Faucet, Chrome

    This is another great addition to your home, where quality meets budget. The Ava single-handle faucet has the following features:

    • One lever bath mixer

    • Elegant, permanent cold water flow at the central lever area fixed spout

    • It has flexible connection hoses plus a pop-up assembly.

    • Neoperl perlator

    How to Identify Which Faucet Brands Are Right for You

    wholesale kitchen faucet-wholesale kitchen faucets

    Do you need a guide when finding the best faucet brand for you? Top-tier brands will have an excellent reputation as far as quality, warranty, and selection is concerned. With many brands improving their inventions, there are many attributes to compare and pinpoint the right brand for you.

    In instances where you value designs more than technology, you’ll find that some brands will appeal to you more than others.


    Bathroom faucet brands that have been in the sanitary industry for a long time may have a better reputation for reliable performance than faucet companies that are just starting. Nonetheless, it would be best to research each high-quality faucet brand before making decisions. As you know, specialty faucets may experience leaks over time; some brands will respond more quickly than others in replacing broken parts.

    Affordable prices

    You may need to dip deep into your pockets for luxury faucet products. But in the long run, it’s quite affordable. This is more so true for clients that have high-end kitchen areas. If you’re trying to find pretty functional bathroom sinks, kitchen faucets, or other fixtures with innovative designs at affordable prices, various options are available. Ensure you set a budget before going on a shopping spree, allowing you to find exactly what you want at the price you’re comfortable spending.


    Whether you’re looking to buy sink faucets or kitchen sinks, the type of finishes you choose will either upscale the decor of a particular area or downscale it. It’s, therefore, wise to pick a faucet company with many finishes available to pick one that’ll compliment your home. Most brands offer up to 33 finishes, including Bronze, Stainless steel, Brushed nickel, and Chrome.


    Most reputable brands offer lifetime or limited warranty for their high-quality faucets. You need to, however, get into the details of each brand, and find out what they’ll be specifically covering in their warranty. Shower faucets, bathroom sinks, and other sanitary fixtures may wear out over time. Its, therefore, imperative to partner with a company that offers a warranty as an after-sales service to shield you from unexpected expenses.


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