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Transportation department assists you with all your warehousing and logistical challenges.

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Warehousing Infaucets

Inventory for greater peace of mind

Infaucets has strategically located warehouses in China. Having over 3 million square feet of available space allows us to store large quantities of items while reserving a significant amount of space for our customers’ properties.

We understand that many of our customers do not have the proper space to house their inventory. That’s one of the reasons why Infaucets offers temporary storage plans for our customers. We can work with you to develop a warehousing plan to meet your company’s needs.

For your peace of mind

Workable lead times

Precise planning and domestic location contribute to high inventory levels and controllable lead time.

Order efficiency

The high rise of our in-stock product system guarantees a comprehensive response to any necessity of large quantities waiting to be stored.


Minimize your inventory investment right from the start. Infaucets lifts the burden the balance sheet and inventory hassles off your shoulders.

Safety stock

24-hour inventory flow and live monitoring, and a well-planned modular structure—all this ensures your products are safe and intact.

Logistics Infaucets

Global Shipping Service Guide

Our logistics team works with logistics companies around the world and is committed to ensuring that your orders are delivered quickly and safely. We also have first-class warehousing facilities that can provide you with a full range of storage and warehousing services.

On-time Delivery Experts

Consistent on-time delivery throughout the entirety of our supply chain management is critical and very important to the success of our business. Our warehousing department ensures that your products are properly stocked prior to delivery. Minimizing supply chain bottlenecks between customers and businesses makes us the experts in what matters most to you – on-time delivery.

container-ship-to-customer infaucets logistics team

Our Faucet Projects

In the past few years, our faucets have won the trust and praise of many domestic and foreign customers. We believe our products will be the perfect choice for your home and commercial premises.

If you are interested in our faucet projects, we are very willing to communicate and exchange with you further. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and providing you with the best products and services.

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